Saturday, May 10, 2008

Too Taboo?

Ya know..I like when Chelsea and her husband come over and we do a game night. It's only happened a couple of times..but it's *so* much fun. Last night, we played Taboo. I get really nervous about games like that because I feel like I'll be terrible at them. They're a good time..but feel so stressful haha. I prefer games like..Clue..or Monopoly..or Scattergories..ya know..the ones that don't have a whole lot of shouting out answers and you fumbling for clues or guesses. They whooped our butts. I think by like..20 points or something close to that. The more beers that were consumed..the more frustrating it got because it's like 'hurry up, Orion!!!' and he's like "ummmmm...uhhhh" AHHHH!!! Precious white granules of sand are slipping awayyyy!!!

To be honest though..I don't think a lot of my clues were any good. It kinda went like this: I'd look at a card and see it said "Canal" and then I obviously couldn't use Panama and things of the I'm just like "the birth....uhh..a baby drops down into the birth..." and I'd throw my arms over my head and make a slippery baby movement (erm?).. and Chelsea's like "Abby has a big birth.." JERK!! AHHH HAHAHAHA and Orion would be there like "cesarean!" dude..aww..bless your heart, sweetie.

We're still fairly new at playing games like those. I want so badly for them to not be intimidating for me..but I just get too shy. I'll play..but I'll also be wiping the sweat off my palms the entire time.

We also went to the company BBQ (not like a business type of army kind of company) yesterday morning..which was just would have been way more fun if it weren't drizzling on us the entire time. We stayed for a couple of hours and then it was like..okay, I REALLY have to go potty and I'm not using one of those way. Plus, Chelsea and her clan were heading out and ya know..I don't feel like being around all of that cigarette smoke from all of those other people..and it was also nap time. So..not a whole lot to write about there except to say we went.


chelsea said...

it was a blast and you did really well, you are just paranoid...your guesses and your questions were good...don't be down on yourself....was a good night...headache now but hey its the price you pay right?

Jenna Consolo said...

I bet you're better than you think, Abs, you just overthink it all in your insecurity. I LOVE Taboo--and Guesstures--we should bring those to AZ with us and play as a family! That would be SO FUNNY! I'm so excited to see you guys!