Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Yay for being home!

We're home. Horray! I'm pretty tired and grubby so I'll post pictures tomorrow. I didn't get as many as I thought I would because I took quite a few videos of the Shamu Believe show (which I won't even deny had me all teary eyed..especially when they asked the military people to stand with their families while everyone cheered. I think there were about 4 other families there with us and we all got put up on the big screens. It felt nice to be included in that. Maddox slept the entire time but when he woke up after the show, he still clapped. I love him!). We also ended up getting in the wrong line to meet the Disney characters and didn't notice until we were up at the front that we were in the line to meet the princesses..which I was totally up for..but I'm sure Calix would have rather met Goofy and all of those fellas. However, being the only boy in that line, the princesses totally kissed all over him. He and I went into Mickey's house afterwards and the girl at the door was like "meet the princesses, huh?" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

We had a super swell time. The air conditioning was out in the first condo we were in..but we didn't much mind because we were gone for the majority of the days and ya know..just left the back door open to cool the place off throughout the night..but Maddox started getting a heat rash and what not from it on the 3rd day so Orion spent the entire day on the phone with their office trying to get someone to come fix it..and then after hours upon hours of nothing happening, someone came up at like 9pm and gave us keys to a new condo. A nicer condo. I mean..the one we were in was pretty friggin sweet...3 bedrooms..2 bathrooms (which is more than we have at home, btw) huge kitchen..it was good times. They basically moved us into a townhouse which was way newer and super pretty. I think our vacation just picked up from there and was fantastic from there on out. I ate way too much..but it was vacation! Vacations are for being chubby (Orion's mom also totally told me that I'm not fat..I'm just chubby. She seriously did. But then she jumped up to run to the bathroom and ran into the patio door. Karma.).

There was also an argument on the way back to the condo after Sea World between me and Orion's mom. I don't even remember how it started. She asked me something and in a joking way I was all "I'll answer your question as soon as you can spell my name correctly." and she blew up all crazy like and kept telling me I was lying to her and that I do not spell my name with 2 "b's" no way..that couldn't be right! Surely we must just be trying to make a fool out of her. After she left our place and headed home, she seriously looked back at all of the e-mails I've written her to double check to see if we were lying about the whole thing. She's frickin crazy, man. Ah, in-laws.

All of that isn't important. I would have liked to stay another week..because there's just too much to do. But staying longer also means way more money and lemme say I don't even want to get into the prices of things in grocery stores out there. Good golly! A normal $60 for us to grab things like..bread..milk..peanut butter and jelly..ya know..basics..was just under $200. Craziness!

Anyway! I'll post pictures/videos in the morning. We're home..we're safe..we're content. I get to sleep in *my* bed tonight!


YogaNana said...

Glad you're home safe!

Hilary said...

Yay! I'm glad you're home safe and that you had a great time! Can't wait to see the pics :)

Sarah said...

Sounds like tons-o-fun! I laughed out loud to the whole mother-in-law thing. Comment she made about you, then running into the door. Too funny! Love it when people get what they deserve! It's really too bad that not everyone has as great of inlaws as I do!

Can't wait to see pics!

Jenna Consolo said...

So glad you're home! The blogosphere has been lonely without your zest!

Check out Sarah kissing up to Mom and Dad.