Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Vacation pictures

Sorry these took so long to get up. Been a busy day and the hubs has been doing his correspondence stuff so I haven't had much of a chance to get on and do this.

Calix and Orion at O's mom's house. We got in a day early and stayed at her place for a night before heading down to our place.

Penguins...Sea World

waiting whales..

Orion and Maddox on the patio of the 1st condo.

O's mom had stayed the night because she went to Sea World with us..and the next day was her I had O sneak out and get a few slices of cake with our dinner. He was singing to her.

Orion and his madre.

Literally..the *only* picture that was taken of me the ENTIRE time (okay, my legs ended up in a few pictures the Disney photographers took of the kids). See? I'm not fat..I'm just chubby. Greatest mother in law..ever. (when she was hugging me goodbye yesterday morning, she seriously said "Abby, the more weight you put on..the harder it will be to lose." you really think so? I don't sit around and pig out all day, you biotch. I just wanna slap her sometimes!)

Calix and Aurora

Still a little hesitant..sayyy..this isn't Goofy, mom!

She came up to O and Maddox (who was sleeping) and was all "this one's under a spell!" get it? Because she's Sleeping Beauty...? I thought it was cute!

He thinks Cinderella's pretty hot, I think.

Belle's my favorite. Look, she has the best songs.

"who's that on your shirt?"

His smooches. The one on the forehead is from Cinderella, the big one on his cheek is from Aurora..and the one next to that is from Belle.

Inside Mickey's house. I really wanted to go into Minnie's..but it was "down for spring cleaning" mmmhmmmm.

Goofy and Donald were in a remodeling contest or something..and did this to Mickey's kitchen. Kind of reminded me of the time mom went to England. It made me chuckle quite a bit.

The evil step sisters (and mother..butI don't think you can see her) and the fairy godmother was up ahead..but I deleted her picture because well, I needed room for others. Nothing against the fairy godmother, of course.

I'm glad he came around otherwise I would have been a liar. "'re going to see Woody today!!" we were on our way out of the park when he walked by. WHEW!

There was a couple on the other side of us who totally got engaged right there in front of the castle. Everyone who noticed was all whoopin and hollerin. Awwww... precious moments.

This one's getting too long. I'll post the pictures of Animal Kingdom tomorrow..not that there are a whole lot of them..but it's nearing midnight and I'm pretty tired.


YogaNana said...

Oh, for fun, for fun!

Add the Fairy Godmother to the next post. :o)

Hannah said...

Good times Abs, good times.

I adore the picture where Calix has all the kiss marks. Such a ladies man!

And Dude! Seriously what is wrong with your mother in law? Makes you wonder what she'd be like to her actual daughter.

Abby said...

I deleted the fairy godmother picture from the camera itself while we were in Florida to make room for more pictures because I'd taken so many big videos and only had so much space on my memory card left. She looked just like her cartoon self though.

Abby said...

Dude..I know. I KNOW! She's always been mean to me about the weight thing..always. She doesn't even think she is but every time I'd talk to her she'd want to know if I was exercising and losing weight. And while we were having that fight we had while we were there, I told her it was a good thing she didn't ever have any daughters because they'd have all of these emotional and weight issues and never feel like they were good enough. She's Spanish (like extra hard) and confused about a lot of things..but I feel like that excuse only goes so far. Yes, I'm chubby..I've never denied it. However, she's failed to notice I'm 16 pounds lighter than I was the last time she saw me AND I had another baby in that time frame as well. I'm trying, man..I am. I seem to struggle with the weight thing more than any of you other girls and it's so friggin irritating but ya know..however much I weigh does not determine who I am. I'm a good person and I'd much rather people saw me for that than what size I wear.

But yeah, I gave it to her. I guess she figured I'm one of those wives (like she was) who can be pushed around and bullied by the mother in law..and ya know? I'm not. O was pretty proud of me hahaha. Awww.