Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Titles are weird

I've been waking up with pretty nasty migraines for the past few days. Great way to start your day, lemme tell ya. I'm probably dying or something.

The diet thing is going great..the first day I was like "woo!!!" because I felt that awesome. Day 2 my tummy started to hurt because I'm so used to eating whatever I want when I want. It's not the easiest thing in the world to stick to just your detox stuff while you make grilled cheese or ravioli for the kids. When your husband eats a delicious hoagie in front of you...or the rest of the mint chocolate brownies. Seriously..if you're going to eat that stuff..go somewhere else. And then..then! Then the food network decided to talk about Philly cheesesteaks and I kid you not when I tell you I was trying to talk Orion into going on a roadtrip (it's *only* 11 hours away, babe!) to Jersey and Philly for a heart attack spree featuring cheesesteaks and panzarottis. He thought about it. He really did. Ultimately though..the answer is no (all he could come up with was the price of gas haha). Oohhhhh.. but I LOVE cheesesteaks like you wouldn't even believe. When we were vegetarians as kids..the *only* thing I couldn't give up (and kept a secret) was when it was cheesesteak day at school. Oooohhhh delicious.

I got off track there. Mmmm food. No, but it's not so bad. Six more days of detox and then we start reintroducing other foods back into my diet until nothing is restricted..just need to learn the portions thing and get better at making healthier choices when available. I know I shouldn't be getting on the scale..but I just can't help it. We got a new fancy schmancy one that keeps track of both me and Orion (who's starting today) and lets us know how much weight we've dropped..or gained since the last time we weighed ourselves. When I weighed myself Tuesday morning..I'd lost 1.5 pounds. I was pretty thrilled. But I just stepped on it and it's down another 2.4. Sayyyy.. I like this!

I've got some sad news though. We're not going to be able to make it out to Arizona in a few weeks. I really REALLY want to..but airline tickets for all 3 of us (Maddox is still free) and a rental car and food..I adds up, ya know. I'm angry that we're missing it (truth is..they were overpaying us for a couple of weeks and so this check is about $1,000 less than it normally is..and BAM..there was the Arizona money..and there also WENT the Arizona money) because the majority of my family (minus a member or 2 who NEVER go to ANY family events) is going to be there and a chunk of them haven't even met my babies yet..or my husband..and my Grams isn't doing too well..and ya knowwww..I just would have liked to have gone.

Calix just came to fetch me because he's awake.


chelsea said...

I'm so sorry you can't make there hun, I know that whole paycheck thing really blew just make sure you call a lot, let her hear the babies. Congrats on the pounds lost, that's awesome, you'll get there...and you'll be so thrilled you'll have the biggest friggin' cheesesteak...and then probable walk But oh will it be great. Congrats hun...I'm so happy and proud of you.

Micah said...

You have to go to AZ. You just gotta. Kaiti was totally excited to see you again. Plus, the babies are close in age so they will be able to hang out. Mad-Dog needs a friend.

Hannah said...

That's it! I'm pissed!

Can we sign some sort of petition or something? Nope. I'm not accepting this to be true.

Sarah said...

Totally exciting about the weight loss thing! I should jump on that band wagon. I go running about once a week, but that's not going to cut it. I need food control!

What a bummer that you won't be able to make it out! You will surely be missed! You should just ask the people really nicely if they could just leave that extra money in there...just for another couple checks.

Abby said...

The check thing isn't SO took them a couple of paychecks to stop the extra pay we were getting while Orion was we got paid twice like he was still gone when he wasn't. Those geniuses took it all out of this check to make up for it. Next payday will be back to normal..but man..some people got hit WAY harder than we did!

Abby said...

Micah..Hannah.. I'm still trying.

Jenna Consolo said...

Abby! You MUST be there! I was in a huge bind too that just broke through TODAY so I can be there with my brood. And I was so looking forward to you, Hannah, and I conquering our water slide phobia together! All the cousins together! Think of the pictures! All the sisters together! Almost all the kids together! I know it's insanely expensive, but you must! I was so looking forward to seeing you and the kids and Orion! (but no guilt trip here)


Saint Holiday said...

Diet? I wouldn't want to do anything that started with the letters "die." Just hold the food high in the air before you eat it. Calories hate heights, and they jump off. Then it's ok to eat. It works for me. Whenever I lose a pound, which is easy when you live in perpetual poverty, I like to think of the size of a pound of butter, like you buy at the store. If I have a very bad money month and lose ten pounds, I imagine ten boxes of butter stacked up and how that amount of fat used to be hanging on my gut. But you, young lady, are beautiful. I love you the way you are. And I always will.

The Once and Future Dad