Monday, April 21, 2008

Picnics are happy!

Maddox had an early morning doctor's appointment. He is 29 1/2 inches long and 21 pounds. He's in the 15th percentile. None of my kids have ever been super high in that percentile thing..both were premature (one way more than the other) but they've both been little guys for the most part. They're just happy.

After naps and everything else that is good..we went on a picnic at Saunders Springs again (and by again I mean yeah, it's right down the street but we haven't been since Calix was 9 months old and I was barely barely pregnant with Maddox but didn't know yet).

We were lunching right in front of made me happy.

Yes, we totally pulled out the tummy pack one last time for this huge child who doesn't actually fit in it anymore.

Gives another meaning to cloudy water, huh? hehe

We don't really know why Calix sits that way while on his shoulders..but I assure you, he wasn't going to fall off even though it looks like he could at any second. much as you straighten him out..he just slumps right back into that position.

Well..we're all in it. Right before Orion told me to run because a swarm of wasps was coming after us haha. I'm like "la la is wonderful.." and he's all "run, cuddle!!!!" not a pretty sight, I'm sure.

After walking with the wasps and me almost falling down some stairs so I didn't step on a snake who was hauling butt through the leaves and then right in front of me..we found the tranquility we took it. What could be nicer, right?

There were benches all over the place for you to sit and relax and ya tranquil...on the trail.

From the look out tower thingy..looking down.

There were lots more of me walking with Calix..but they scare me. They scare me because I never think I'm as big as the pictures say I am. Apparently, I'm a chunker. I accept it.

Except I don't *really* accept it. I'm thinking about doing the thing. I was pretty depressed for a while after coming home and looking at the pictures. Good grief!

Sometimes I tell Orion I feel so awful that he married such a fixer upper.


chelsea said...

for one thing you aren't a fixer upper...and for another some of those faces maddox made were freaken awesome...and the face calix made while all of you were in that pic was priceless cuz you'd just said he wasn't falling but his face in that next one said was cute as hell...

Hannah said...

Wow! That is a beautiful place Abby!! Is that really close to your house? I'm jealous.

Hey, you've got some nice legs. Once again, I'm jealous!

Abby said...

It's right outside the gate, yeah. And we're just about right inside the gate..mighty close. You'd never think a place like that would be THAT close to us..but it is. I think I want to go again today..but take a different trail.

YogaNana said...

I know where it i-is! :o)

And -- as always -- thanks for the pictures. Looks like a fun day -- and so good to see Orion packing both kids! Didn't take them long at all to figure out who he was, did it?

Jenna Consolo said...

Abby, I think you look adorable in these pictures. I love to see you happy as a mom and wife.