Thursday, January 24, 2008

mwa mwa mwaaaaaa

All I wanted..all I wanted was for the cable company to come put an extension on the internet cable cord thing so I could move the freaking computer into the office finally before all of the new bedroom furniture comes. That's all I wanted. I'll do all of the other stuff..I'll take everything apart and set it all back up in the other room. I just needed someone who knows what they're doing to ya know..put a freaking extension on it so it'll literally reach 5 more feet. FIVE FEET! I'm not asking for the world..just five feet of cable correctly connected.

They gave me another freaking project on top of everything else I need to do in the next few days. I get to go to Walmart and ask them about a coax cable? Um..and a connector do-hickie. I have no clue. And then I get to take them home and connect it myself. Yay.

Maybe I should buy a tool belt while I'm there so I can tug on it every once in a while.

How am I supposed to expect Walmart employees to know what a coax cable is when they didn't even know what pound cake was?


YogaNana said...

Hey, Abs? I could do this one, and you know that means it's cake. Coax is the same kind of cable that runs from the outlet in your wall to the back of your tv (or digital converter box) and also connects your cable modem to your cable outlet. If Walmart doesn't know what that is -- well, I'm pretty sure they sell a lot more coax cable than pound cake. They'll know. So you just buy enough of it, and there will be a little metal (brass?) connector thing on the ends and you screw on end to the end of thre cable you've got and the other end to the back of your modem. You don't need no stinking tech to come out and do that. And then bill you.

I'm assuming you have cable internet. If it's something else I've never encountered, call us and we'll walk you through it. I walked Jonah through installing a network card over the phone and now his computer works. :o)

Abby said...

The kid at Walmart so didn't seem sure of himself on this one. But..he was right and I got it all done last night in about 20 minutes. Unhooking every piece..and then moving it all into the other room and reassembling. He did sell me a 20 foot cord when I could have sworn I already said I didn't need more than 5..but, that's okay. Everything works and now there's a naked spot where it was in my room and every time I walk into my bedroom, I think I've been robbed.

New furniture gets delivered on Tuesday. I'll put pictures up of the funs because WOOOO!!! new furniture!! Wooo!!! Finally!

Hannah said...

WooHoo new furniture!!! Those are exciting times!! Definitely post pictures so I can live vicariously through you!!!!

Hannah said...

I guess I must really like the exclamation point.