Thursday, January 24, 2008

51 Days!

I'm starting to think I'm a medical mystery or something. They have no idea what's wrong with me. Seriously. No thyroid issues. No anemia. No to the other test. However, my white blood cell count is still super high. Hey, I'm not sick. At all. It shouldn't BE that high.

Orion said when he gets home (it's closer than you thinkkkk) we're going to get a referral to go off post to U of L hospital and test the heckles out of me because things have been going on with me since I was pregnant with Maddox that NO ONE seems to be able to explain. You have headaches that last entire months? Here, take these because you don't have a blood clot in your brain and we don't know what else to do about it.

It really just bothers us that there's something wrong with me..and no one can give us answers. Okay, so it's a no to those things..that's great. BUT WHAT IS WRONG??? I'm exhausted. I sleep 7-8 hours every night. I exercise. I don't eat horribly. My life isn't so hectic yet (I figure it will be once the kids are in school and activities) that I should be practically falling asleep while standing up. I shouldn't need to coax my babies into taking naps when it isn't time yet..because mommy just can't stay awake any longer. Yeah, I said it. I do that.

So, when he gets home (EEEE!!!!!) and is willing to drive me out there and then come home and be with the babes..I'm going to get tested so hard I'll feel like a lab rat. It's going to be awesome. Hopefully, we'll get answers. I like answers.

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YogaNana said...

I like answers, too. But -- 51 days!!!!!!!!!!