Saturday, December 01, 2007

What happened in the ER is still an ongoing thing. I hope not much longer..but I was there again tonight.

Everyone remembers those mini strokes I had while pregnant with Maddox, yes? Since those incidents, I've been getting migraines every month. They usually go away with Excedrin Tension Headache..but not this time. I've been holding onto the most painful migraine in my *life* for the last 6 days. Thursday it was so bad it literally felt like someone was stabbing my skull repeatedly. I called Chelsea..she drove me to the ER and then watched my babies for me while I got checked out. I sat in the waiting room for THREE hours crying and begging for help while other people with paper cuts got seen (not literally).

I finally got called back..and then I waited for another 30 minutes in one of those room/stalls crying and crying and begging people to stop sitting around and please just come help me. A doctor finally came in and asked me to stop crying. No..she said "calm down so you can talk to me" and through sobs I was like "I'm *sniff* trying.". I had yet another CAT scan done..I vomited from all the nausea..I passed out after they gave me medication. No tumors..but they did notice my white blood cell count was super high because I..ya know..have this infection. The cyst in my sinuses has gotten bigger..therefore it's putting more pressure on my everything and it doesn't help that I currently have a sinus infection. They wanted to do a spinal tap..never told me what for I said I really couldn't wait around too much longer because it was already past 10pm and the woman who was watching my kids has kids of her own who need to be at school the next morning..and she's also my ride so I can't have her up ALL flipping night. I was told to come back to do spinal tap..and then they loaded me up with 4 medications and I was on my way.

I didn't have the time..or the patience to be sitting around the ER again finished my grocery shopping instead. In a vicodin haze (" I look high?" "no.." "I feel like I do"). Today after the deer incident and talking to a very worried Orion ("there's no dying, woman!")..and yeah..some prodding from Chelsea, I packed a book, a granola bar, and some water and then headed BACK to the ER where I waited and waited for another 3 hours. I took a couple of naps while that was good.

I was seen by a different doctor..and this one? Was angry. Yelling at me for not doing the spinal tap because "we wanted to see if your brain was bleeding!!"..which was news to me. I think that ya know..had the original lady told me they wanted to see if my brain was bleeding..I would have stayed. But all she said was she wanted to take a look at my spinal fluid. So..ya know..there's that. This new lady kept saying things like "we're running out of time!!!" like I'm dying or something. And hi? If I'm dying..can you let me know please? I have this husband I'd like to kiss again..and videos to make for my babies to let them know how deeply they are loved..before I die. Ya know.

I have to call UofL on Monday and find the neurologist who did all of that work on me in early February. That's going to be fun. I have to make an appointment with my primary care doctor and tell them I have cluster headaches so they can give me something to prevent them. They sent me home with percocet this time. So I guess that'll be fun.

Keep the lights dim and the noise level down..and we can be friends.


Sarah said...

I hope all turns out to be ok. We will keep you in our prayers.

YogaNana said...

Of course, we're worrying.

Hilary said...

:( hope you feel better soon

Jenna said...

Abby, I'm really worried about what is causing this problem. It sounds awful. I get terrible migraines too, so I can sympathize with you, but for days on end??? I hope there are some smart doctors there who will take this seriously!

chelsea said...

still sorry that's happening, and i heart you to much for you to be dying, so ya know what, chelsea says your theres that. my abby is gonna be just chill and make me dinner biotch...ah ha ha love ya no seriously, get better