Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Day 290

I come here a lot. I open up a new post and then? Then I walk away. I don't have much to say..and I don't quite know how to word what I should say.

Ya'll are cute for worrying about me. I'm fine. They've decided that this hardcore case of sinusitis is the reason for everything awful going on right now. I've been put on a few medications to treat and also prevent this from happening again.

My neck is still a bit stiff (you just don't know how much you use your neck until you can't. Seriously) but even that's starting to clear up. Life's okay. I still can't sit at the computer for very long without getting all hurty but I still needed to sit and write something so ya'll don't think I'm like..dead or something. No..I'm not allowed to die. I have babies I need to see grow up. I have grandbabies I need to kiss and cuddle.

So..I'll leave you with a couple of pictures I took of the sunset yesterday:

Now..breathe and relax.


Sarah said...

Aww...those are beeyoudeefull!

Jenna said...

what the?

I'm glad you feel like things will get better. I still worry, though. But stunning pictures!

YogaNana said...

We felt better when I had talked to you and heard about the sinusitis, but it's still going to be worrisome til it's all better.

I like the second picture best. :o)

Chelsea said...

glad your feeling slightly better...god its been forever since we've hung out...we shouldn't be so far you in a bit hun

Hilary said...

yay! i'm glad you're feeling better. and i love the pics!