Friday, December 21, 2007

84 Days Left!

...So..I walk into the boys' room to check on them because they're playing and Maddox is whining. What did I see? Ya'll..I shouldn't have left my camera downstairs.

Maddox had Vaseline ALL over his little face. Calix..Calix the lil devil..climbed up onto the changing station..and grabbed the tub of the lid off..and started PAINTING his poor defenseless brother's face with goo. It was in his mouth and everything. *NICE*

Lovely. Thanks, guys.


Hannah said...

Awww Poor little Maddox. Shoot, Calix better watch out when maddox is old enough for revenge, that's all I'm saying

Sarah said...

oh noes! Poor Maddox! And Abby for that matter! Have I told the story of Alyssa and vaseline? I don't remember for sure if it has been told on here before. I'm pretty sure I haven't told it in a post, but it may have come out in a comment....if so, you can stop reading now. Otherwise, read on...

So when Alyssa was maybe 8ish months old (although I'm thinking slightly younger) she had been left at home with Josiah while I was out selling candles because that's what I did at the time. Poor Josiah found her with our rather large tub of vaseline (it had been left down on the floor next to the diapers after a diaper changing session...) lets not forget to mention that the lid was off although I'm sure that would have been assumed, and about 1/2 of our collection of dvd's down off their tower and opened up on the floor, with a nice slather of vaseline covering a good portion of them. Made for some fun bathtime. That stuff is the pits to get out of hair...although I'm not sure it was quite as bad as the time she used butter to decorate the kitchen counter as well as herself including her hair. Mmmmm...buttery hair!...for daaaaayyyys! That stuff would NOT come out!