Saturday, December 22, 2007

83 Days!

It's hard to get both boys to sit by the tree at the same time to capture some kind of holiday jolliness. Maddox always reaching for the bells..Calix always running away to find toys to play with. So until Christmas Eve (when we do the present exchange with Chelsea and her little ones) and Christmas morning when I can hopefully capture better cuteness..these will have to do.

"I's got it! I's own you, bell!"

Now back to Christmas specials.


YogaNana said...

Oh, those are SUCH keepers!

Now send some in color. :o

Hannah said...

Beautiful babies Abby!!

That's a huge stack of presents too!! Our's only has the ones from Mom under it right now. I like to wait to put out the presents after the kids go to bed on Christmas eve.

Abby said...

I usually like to do it that way too, Han..but I'm just so antsy this year. A large chunk of those presents are for Chelsea and her kids..but I won't lie when I say my kids are getting a hefty share themselves. None of those are really for me. Mua mua muaaaaa :( hahaha

Jenna said...

The black and white with the bright lights on a white tree....WOW. Really pretty.

I know! Look at all those presents! Lucky!