Monday, December 31, 2007

76 Days!

I was fairly sick yesterday. We're talking running into the kitchen (I have one bathroom in this house..and it's upstairs.) and throwing up into the sink multiple times kind of sick. If I were getting any action lately, I would think that I was maybe..just maybe pregnant. But's not so. It might have been something I might have been all of those beers during girls' night the night before...could have been a small tummy bug thing. Who knows. My headache was coming back from all of the vomiting..and every time I would take one of my wonderful pills..up it would come minutes later.

So..yesterday wasn't fun for me. I pretty much just munched on crackers and sipped sprite throughout the day. Today will be better.

Today is New Year's Eve..and I have trifle to make. TRIFLE, people! Mmmmm. I'm so used to it just being strawberries and blueberries..but this year..I think I'll switch it up a bit. No blueberries. Add raspberries..and I'm still thinking about the peaches. Not sure. Did you know the lady in the bakery section had no idea what pound cake was? They didn't have any boxed I wandered over to the bakery section and instead of spending lots of time searching..I said "I have a quick question. Do you have any pound cake over here..?" and she said..she said "what's pound cake?" and I said "ya know..pound cake.". She didn't know. Someone overheard and showed me these pitiful excuses for pound cake. 8 in a box..probably 3/4 of an inch tall...each. I bought 2 boxes and am hoping it will suffice. Hey, it all gets sliced up in the why not? I'm also doing the chips and crackers and finger sandwiches. This is what we've always done on New Year's Eve in my house. This is what I know. You spend the evening munching on these things..until the ball drops and you run outside with pots and pans..banging them together and whooping and hollering because WOOOO!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

...I don't think I'll be doing the pots and pans thing. I don't need the MPs showing up.'s some semi good news: we find out on Thursday if we get Hawaii or not. I guess I should have waited till Thursday and announced whether we get it or not..but I'm fairly excited. If we don't..we don't. Not a huge deal. Our options after Hawaii are California (Ft. Irwin) and Washington (Ft. Lewis). So..we'll see!

Time to get the babies up.

Ya'll be safe tonight. There are crazies everywhere.


chelsea said...

yeah yeah i agree, all with the pots and pans thing too, cuz ummmmmm....i'm surely not doing that and if you would then well i'd be hiding in the house pretending I didn't know you. :) our neighbors already think were odd and well they don't need to think were crazy

Hilary said...

I vote for Ft Irwin if you don't get Hawaii!!!! Char and I would be over there ALL the time!!!!