Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 270, I plopped Maddox on the hallway floor so I could go potty this morning and I heard some rustling around. When I came out, this is what I saw:

Calix reached up onto the shelf and pulled down some of the bathroom type products I'd bought the evening before. He gave Maddox a pack of pannie liners and he kept the Tampax for himself. Well, at least he's sharing.

Later on, Calix climbed into Maddox's lap and it looked like (though I didn't catch it) Maddox was reading to him:

Come on, ya'll..he's SO cute and and and he makes fishy faces and other silly faces and makes his mama crack up!

He also rolls all around the if you come where you step.

Also..I think I've figured out why Calix doesn't speak well yet:

I think that if I hold him upside down and record him while he's talking and then play it backwards, it'll be correct..and probably genius type stuff.

Oh..and you'd better believe my tree is white this year!

I threw out our old fake tree earlier in the year citing that hey, one of the branches is broken and ya know..I'm tired of this fake tree crap anyway. As the months carried on..I started to realize that hey, getting a tree into the Buick with 2 children? Probably not going to happen. Not without a lot of cursing and probably some crying..thus making Christmas not so happy. I wanted to do a theme type tree (though I love allllll of the decorations my mommy has made me throughout my *entire* life, I kind of wanted to try a..well..different kind of tree)..and everyone knows how I adore the 50's and things of the went out and bought a white tree ("Willie, you bought a fake tree?!? How could you??" Ah ha ha!). It's only decorations are gold bells, mulberry and gold type color balls, and white lights, of course. It's simple..and I think it's pretty.

The house is decorated on the inside..I have cinnamon apple candles burning..lights turned out..with only candles and Christmas lights glowing. It's warm and cozy. So very cozy in fact, Chelsea fell asleep on the couch while her children and I watched Shrek the Third.


YogaNana said...

Sometimes your blog is just one huge: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

Hannah said...

I love that you are decorated already!! I wish Mike would let me but no. Someone's gotta be the scrooge I guess. Ash and I have been trying to talk him inot a fake tree this year but Mike grew up with fake trees and having real trees now is really special to him so whatever. I'll let him keep that for a few more years.

Also, awwww!!! They are seriously adorable boys Abby. I love how they play together. And how Maddox is so tolerant and just lets Calix sitt on him. Too cute

Sarah said...

I'm soooo envious! I'd love to have my tree up, well, except that I want to go w/a real tree again this year rather than our ugly fake that we've used for the past 3 or so years, and everyone knows that putting up a real tree in Arizona before December 23rd is just asking for a burnt down house for Christmas, right? Anyway, Josiah has been nice enough to let me watch 1 Christmas movie per week atleast. He calls me a Christmas Brat....I think he should look around and see that even his own sisters have similar ideas as myself. The really good news though, is 99.9 KEZ started playing their 24 hours of Christmas music yesterday. We will be tuning in every drive we take in the car and awkwardly look forward to Delilah's sappy Christmas stories in the evenings.

And, I agree w/Hannah....They are totally adorable! Atleast they didn't open the box of tampons. I came into my girl's room when we were living in AJ and found that they had opened up about 8-12 tampons and had them standing up on the end of the bunk bed frame thingy...alternating tampon, pole, tampon, pole, tampon etc. Quite fun!

Abby said...

I mean..I guess when I look at the date it's a bit early. We grew up with the decorating after Thanksgiving dinner thing..and normally, that's how I still do it. I'm just too antsy for it this year! I want Christmas! I want the months to fly by faster because ya know..then husband comes home! But mostly..Christmas is my most favorite holiday ever ever!

I at least waited till a day or 2 after my birthday to decorate. I wanted to do a Nightmare Before Christmas type thing and put both Halloween stuff and Christmas stuff up at the same time..and then after Halloween just take that stuff down. I'm just so antsy antsy! I watch Christmas movies whenever I get the chance. I listen to Christmas music *all* the time. I pretty much love the jollies. :)

Jenna said...

We grew up getting our real tree on Dec. 14th, for Mandy's birthday, remember that? After I got married, I still did that for many years. But alas, I too, have a fake tree now so it can go up extra early. I wanted to put it up this week too! But I'm waiting till the day after Thanksgiving.

Maddox is so darn cute!

For the Love... said...

Too funny! When Magnuts was still crawling he used to "hold" things in his mouth so that he still use both hands to crawl. Imagine my shock when he crawled into the kitchen with an unwrapped tampon hanging out of his mouth...Upside...he was teething and they do absorb a lot of moisture...