Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 268

You know what's fairly neat about deployments?

Birthday gifts like this:

The script says "Cuddle" (er..it's supposed to). How confused do you think the local who carved that was when O said "I want it to say "cuddle" and then "cuddlebug" in English" or however he asked? How long do you think it took to explain what he meant?

Also pictured..the random birthday card that's meant for an old couple (on which he says "I'm in a combat zone, what?" because ya know..there aren't that many options to choose from. I laughed because hahaha!!!), the flowers Miss Chelsea got me, the chocolates O's mom sent someone named "ABY" (which I just always assume must be me..), and Netflix..because I heart Netflix.

I've always wanted a jewelry box. O knew this. A couple of my sisters had their own when I was growing up..and man oh man did I just want one for myself. Problem was.. I didn't really have any jewelry to put in one. I've been collecting a few pieces since O's been away..and well..now? I need a jewelry box.

Problem solved.

He also sent me one of those silk Aghanie scarves which I totally plan on wearing with my big ol sunglasses..riding around in my imaginary convertible (AKA the Buick) and pretending I live in the 50's.

Ya know..like usual.


Hilary said...

the jewelry box is beautiful! now he has to buy you lots of jewelry to fill it, and to wear around with your silk scarf lol

I would have sent you something too, but ya know, the lack of an address makes it hard. I love ya though! And I wish I could have taken you out on your birthday. Birthday dinners are the best!

Jenna said...

That is so gorgeous! What a thoughtful gift! I just finished reading this incredible book about Afghanistan (thinking of O the whole time), and I'll bet that scarf is beautiful! What a great gift-giver! (I don't have one of those, darn it)

Hannah said...

Oooh it's so pretty! You've got an awesomely thoughtful hubby Abby!!