Saturday, October 13, 2007

Miss Bella..

So.. I'm in the bathroom washing my face last night around 11 and I hear my phone ringing. I go to answer it..see it's Hannah but when I pick up, no one's there. Voicemail must have picked up, I assume. I go back to the bathroom to do the before bed potty thing while giving Hannah enough time to leave a message before I try calling her back. Ya know..if it's anything important. The phone rings again. I run to answer it and again..another hang up. Okay..okay..maybe her phone is randomly dialing me. It happens. I just hope it doesn't go on all night. In the back of my mind I'm also wondering if something is wrong. Is someone in the family hurt or worse? Is something wrong with Hannah and she needs my help (not that I can offer much from where I am..)?

I get into bed..take a sip of water..and again with the phone. I answer *again*

"Hello? Hannah..why do you keep calling and hanging up??"

*muffled babbling*

"Oh, Bella! Hi, honey..where's mommy?"

*babbling..but something about mommy*

"Is mommy okay? Bella..go put mommy on the phone"

*more babbling about mommy*

"Bella..where's mommy? Go find mommy and give her the phone"

She hung up. Oh geeze, I hope Hannah's okay! I call back and Hannah answered.

"Bella keeps calling me."

She started laughing and we talked about it for a little while.

I pretty much chuckled myself to sleep. Crazy kids.

On the babies note..Maddox is 8 months old today! K, that is all.


YogaNana said...

You don't want to give that kid a cellphone any time soon. :o) Bella called me about two years ago and just breathed into the phone til Hannah heard my voice coming through the phone in her baby's hand.

Jenna said...

What is this about weird calls from Hannah's cell phone? I got the same thing earlier in the week.

Ahh, 8 months. That means Conor is 14 months today. I miss 8 months!

chelsea said...

I get such a kick outta that stuff, my nephews and neices do that from time to time...he's offically 4months older than his girlfriend now...

Hannah said...

I am still laughing so hard about his all. I'm telly you all, it must be my subconcious really wanting to talk to my family.