Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 234

I *LOVE* when they play together!!

This morning before heading to the gym I caught them being extra cute towards one another and just had to capture it.

Can I's has a block?

No, Calix.. I's doesn't want that block!

Car! Car! Car! Car! Carrrrrr!!!!
Yes, baby..that's a car.

Is we ready to go yet?


Jenna said...

So cute! I love how you're doing these photos with a splash of color. We tried doing that with black and whites of Conor, coloring in only his eyes, but they always came out creepy looking, not natural like yours.

YogaNana said...

Okay, I can't stand it: how are you doing this Schinlder's List thing with the one color?

Abby said...

It's some random feature I found on my camera like last week while taking pictures of Chelsea's babies. I hit a button on accident and BAM that option came up. Shoot.. I'm not complaining.

Jenna said...

Oh, that explains why it looks so natural. We did ours with a feature on Photo Shop. I'm gonna check my camera!

chelsea said...

I freaken love the one of maddox's hand up towards calix..god thats cute...