Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 245

The VTC was just swell. I went in with all kinds of butterflies and left all floaty. I thought of Orion's smile all day and man oh man do I miss him something fierce. There wasn't really much to talk about because while there was privacy on my end..he had a guy in the room with him. I know.. I know he's there to like set things up..and also make sure no one gets all naughty but don't need to participate in other people's conversations, either. Plus..come on..let me flash my husband every now and then. He's a lonely guy! Give him something to look at. Hahahaha! Yeah, I said it.

So, I had Chelsea take a picture of me and him at the beginning:

My TV husband hahaha reoww

and him blowing me a kiss at the end.

:( Awww I miss him!

4 1/2 months till he comes home!


mandy said...

That is beautiful! I'm glad you got that opportunity to see each other. Wow not to much longer and he'll be back in your arms. love you sis.

YogaNana said...


chelsea said...

Wasn't it great....2007 almost done and on to 2008..yay! then our men are finally home

tamara said...

only 4 1/2 months!!! you're almost there :)

Jenna said...

That is SO cool that you guys got to do that! You're into the final stretch, girl. Great job.

And love the dark hair!