Thursday, October 04, 2007

Day 228 (ah, there's the real number)

We're still getting over the yuckies! I feel all kinds of fine..just a slight cough and a blow of the nose every now and then. Calix seems to be dripping from the nose still. So that's fun.

I'm starting to wonder if they're going to have us move to a different house. I called in about the "common household black mold" (they referred to it as) we have coming out of our freaking air vents in the living room. Yep, I think it's disgusting too. And they were supposed to be here on Tuesday to do a cleaning of the vents for that whole thing and wouldn't you know it..their truck breaks down and they have to reschedule. When the guy called and said that to me I said "Of course it did" because ya know..of course it did. But yesterday while I was cleaning up the toys down there (which I do quite often throughout the day), I was putting Calix's ride on car back in its place when I noticed some lumpy yellow hard stuff like..growing ON the actual floorboards. I can't get it up..I've tried. And the boards themselves are starting to..I don't know..buckle? I guess that's what it's called. So I called in about that too. I think it's all coming from the air conditioner itself. I brought it up to the repairman who was out here a few months back when it started randomly making a loud squealing noise and he said dripping was normal. I'm sure it's normal..but if it drains out, right? From the sounds of sounds like it's all just gathering in a huge puddle (lake by now) and I'm just about positive that's where all of the problems are coming from. It's all strange and creepy and I'd like for it all to stop now so I can stop feeling like my babies and myself aren't even safe anymore. Too often do I hear about people dying from things of that nature..and ya know..I really like my kids and I'd like for us all to stick around a bit longer. Just sayin. So..the earliest someone can come look at the creepy floors is Friday afternoon. Should be a good time. Horray.

Wanna hear something cute? Donovan (Chelsea's son) says I'm a good mommy. AWWW!!!!! Chelsea laughs at me because I do things like..when the kids are done helping me clean up the toy mess they've made I'll have them stop and clap for themselves for being such great helpers and thank them and give them big ol smiles. Ya know..the positive reenforcement type stuff. She's like "you're so cute!"...well, okay. Thanks. I can't imagine getting things done by the youngins any other way. Make it fun. Show them you're impressed with their mad cleaning skills. Hahaha. Anyway.. so we were talking about this last night and Donovan said I'm a good mommy and man oh man does that just make my heart melt..but get all big and what not at the same time. I gave him a big ol hug for it because're so sweet!

Chelsea was half reading my palm last night and she said I have 3 children lines..or whatever. I know. I know I say all the time that I'm done with babies and 2 is all I can handle. But ya know.. I'm not done. I'm just not. I *need* a third. I don't want anymore than that because I want to be able to give a fair bit of attention and all of that to each of them and then there's the financial thing as well. I don't want to be constantly strapped..I want to be able to give all 3 of them the things they need..and maybe a bit more as well. Plus, 3's just a great number. It's well rounded and ya know.. I mean..there will be one more baby. Just one. Probably a bit after Orion gets home..but yeah..3.

She also said I have 4 1/2 love lines. Meaning in my lifetime..I'll have truly loved 4 1/2 people (how does that even work? how do you halfway love someone? Maybe someone gets 1 1/2? I don't know!)..and I can tell ya who they all are right now. Except that half thing..that's just weird.

I wish I knew of someone who could do a full palm reading. I just think they're so neat!

I had a dream right before I woke up this morning..that Orion and the fellas came home early. Like..yesterday early. Chelsea and the kids were over here hanging out and Orion walked in. I remember thinking to myself "good thing I cleaned the whole house today"..because haha..I did. He'd said that was the reason he couldn't call..because they were all coming home as a surprise and that hey, Chelsea..your husband's at home waiting for you. I remember grabbing him and shoving him up against the hallway wall and kissing him so deeply it almost hurt. I remember Calix running up to the door and screaming "Daddy!!!!!" the exact same way he did when I played the voicemail of Orion singing happy birthday to him a week ago. To have him recognize his daddy just by his voice and run screaming towards the phone because My daddy!!!! one of the very most heart-stretching things I've ever witnessed. I'll say that much. was a wonderful dream..and then to wake up and feel for a person next to you..and have that space be empty..that brings you back. No, Abby..he's not here..and he won't be for another 5 1/2 months.

oh, let me put some pictures up...

Calix bombarding Chelsea with all of his new toys.

that's what's going on with the floor. Just right under the air conditioning unit thing. Click to make it bigger..what do you think it all is? Like the random Abby hairs? They fall out all the time. No, I don't want to talk about it. haha

Mom and David.. it got here!! Many many thanks.. I'll probably take a picture of both babies in it later and smile about how much my back doesn't have to hurt anymore carrying a 20 pounder on my chest! Woo! David = awesome!!


Hannah said...

oooh a double stroller. Nice!

Mom's an angel isn't she?

YogaNana said...

She is, indeed, but she can't take full credit for this one. :o)

Glad it got there so quickly and looking forward to seeing a picture of the boys inside it.