Monday, October 01, 2007

Day 218?

Well, I'm sick. It's mostly my throat that's bothering me..I'm sure more will be wrong later. We have the kids at the gym's daycare to thank for this one. Thanks, kids..thanks. I leave my babies with you so I can go sweat something mighty and you go and get them sick in return. Thanks.
Calix was sick during his party. Mostly just a drippy nose though. That party was expensive and time consuming..I refused to cancel on the day of it. The cake was a piece of crap. I messed up on the placement of the 2nd tier..and you can't really go back on that. At least I couldn't. Mom laughed at my distress. It was kind of funny. So after the misplacement it was kind of like..whatever..for the rest of the decorating. "I'm not putting a picture of this in my blog" I said to my mother. She laughed.

Some of the pictures:

Chelsea's leg, Briana, Maddox, Calix, David, and mom

Maddox and O's grandma

Chelsea and Briana

Alana and Donovan helping Calix open presents

And here's me not posting his birthday cake:

...I don't want to talk about it and about how after a while I didn't even care anymore. It's ugly...but it was delicious. The cake decorating thing obviously doesn't run through my blood.

Mom and David took lots of pictures that I'm sure will be floating around soon.

I got all weepy when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. My baby! My baby is 2! It all just seems so crazy, ya know?

Anyway...back to being sick.


Jenna said...

The cake doesn't look as bad as you made it seem. Looks YUMMY, and I love the colors you picked. I have a funny cake story I'll tell you sometime that will make you feel MUCH better.

It's so sad for mommies when babies get big, isn't it? 2??!! Already? Hope you get better quick!

YogaNana said...

The cake WAS delicious (yeah, I had a sliver) and the party was relaxed and fun.

We had such a good time seeing you and the little guys -- now next time, you come here. ;o)

Cher said...

Its CUTE! I think it looks like a stackof birthday presents! At least yours resembles a cake. When my son turned three, I tried the baking decorating thing because we were broke. My soon looked at the cake and said "what is THAT thing?"
Hope you feel better soon.

Hannah said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well.

The cake doesn't look that bad abby. Did it fall down? No? well then it was a success. Not everyone has to be able to decorate a cake. Some can some can't. I applaud you for trying.

PS, you should see some of my first cakes. Heck you should see some of my recent cakes.(Right Jenna, the beer can?) mmmmhmmmm