Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 217

I know it's been a few days. I've just been busy making a new friend and all of that.

So..I went to the gym for the very first time yesterday! As Chelsea's guest..but I'm signing up this week that I know the real rates and what not. I was all gung ho about it and then towards the end was starting to get a bit self conscious. But it's not like anyone there is really going to judge you or whatever because hey, at least you're at the gym. At least you're aware that you need to lose weight and are doing something about it. I'm extra excited about the whole thing..and YAY!!! A work out buddy who actually WANTS to work out!!! Woo!!!

I won't be taking any full body shot pictures though..until after O comes home because I want the hot body thing to be a surprise. I want him to be standing in formation and drooling. I'm nice like that.

Maddox is laying on my bed saying "dadadada". He's not even home. Messed up! I'm kidding.. I know babies make the "da-da" sound first and hey, that's why dad's ARE da-da. It's cute anyway.

Maddox would also like to share the sprouting of his very first tooth with you guys:

I'm sure you can't even see it..but it's there. Oh yes. It's there. Bottom left for the Mr. T.

Anyway. I'll be spending the day doing laundry and cleaning. Woo!

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