Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 212

Maddox had a doctor's appointment Yesterday. Yes, I know he's 7 months old..but I couldn't get an appointment for his 6 month. Anyway, so we pull up and find a parking spot and we're a good 15 minutes early..which I aim for. I get Maddox out and strapped to my chest. I get the stroller out of the trunk and I plop Calix in it. I go to adjust the silk tank top I was wearing..and then rrrriiiipppppp!!!! "oh no.. no!!!"..I threw Calix back into his seat with him screaming because ya know..he just got OUT of the car. Put Maddox in his seat, threw the stroller in the trunk and drove like a crazy woman back home..left the car running..sprinted as fast as my chubby body would allow into the house..ripped off the top I had on..threw on whatever was out (my bra was hanging out all over the place..but NO TIME!!)..sprinted back out to the car and hauled back to the hospital (here? If you miss an appointment or show up too late? You can no longer use those doctors)..put Maddox in the tummy pack..grabbed Calix told him there was "no time for a stroller!!!"...threw him around my waist and hauled as quickly as I could. Sure, I showed up red and sweaty..but who cares.. I was a minute late. 1 minute. I explained myself ("we were here on time but then I ripped my shirt and had to go all the way back home!") and carried on with the appointment.

Maddox weighs 18 pounds.. 7 ounces. I forget how long he is.. I believe it's 26 inches..so that's cute. Normally there's a 9 month check up next..but they said because he's in the 75th percentile and strong and ya know..obviously eating and what not..that he doesn't need to go to his 9 month (yay, one less trip for me!) and that they'll see him in February for his 12 month! Go Maddox! Horray!!! Horray!!!

So.. on a "learning" note.. Calix says "pizza" now. Last week when the pizza guy showed up Calix ran around screaming "Pizza!!!!" like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. That was funny. Oh, he also thinks black people are bears. I don't know, either. It gets kind of embarrassing out in public. He also pointed to a guy in a wheelchair at Walmart yesterday and was all "Vroom vroom!!!!".


Wanna see something cute? Chelsea had some pictures on her computer from when her husband came home on leave of.. offfffff.. Orion!

Look at all of the ghosties (spirits..orbs.. whatever you refer to them as)!! My golly gosh.

Maybe he's writing me a dirty e-mail..

Jokes. I won't lie when I say I teared up when I saw these because awwww my husband!


Sarah said...

I totally hear ya on the dr visit thing. Although I've always been really bad at getting anywhere on time let alone...early. But back when I think Alyssa was a baby...maybe it was Camden, anyway, I had an appointment scheduled and trying to get kids in and out of cars and what not, I ended up being late enough to this one appointment that they said I would have to reschedule. Totally frustrating. But a lesson I should have learned from. Did I? Probably not really.

You've got alot to look forward to with what they say and where they say it. I was at Costco not too long ago and there was this old lady walking passed us. I was trying to get into the refrigerator but had to wait for her to pass and Camden says (above normal volume) "Why is that lady so old?" Like she had a choice or something, ya know? (As much as I'm laughing at the moment, remembering the whole incident, it was very embarrassing at the time.) Good times!

What a sweet treat to see pics of your husband, that you hadn't seen before, while he's still so far from home!

Hilary said...

hooray for Maddox!!

PS - your hubby looks pretty sexy in his uniform!

Jenna said...

I love the black people are bears thing! That is a crack up! And vroom! Funny kid!

tamara said...

so i just realized that orions name is pronounced like the constellation and not oree-un

Abby said...


Both are fine, actually. I mean.. ya know..the way his mom says it IS Oree-on..but with the Spanish flare. I call him everything from O to Or to O-E..Orion..Oree-on..and even Odion. He answers to all of em. hahaha