Sunday, August 19, 2007

Oh no.

So.. I went to Michael's today. I was on a total mission. Mission scrapbooking materials! I spent waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy more money than I'd ever intended to..and I'm not sure I can even really *do* anything with the stuff I got.

I pulled out the albums I have here with ya know..after marriage and children pictures stashed throughout. I laid everything out neatly on the bed..and then? Then I got stuck. Where do I even begin?? What are the essential things one needs for scrapbooking? I have papers..cute little stickers (can you see the little set of army Class A's? haha..that HAS to come in handy, I decided)..a new album..a big thing of design-y scissors..even a couple of spools of ribbon. But still? I don't know what to do! I feel so lost in this land I want to belong in. I think buttons would make it all better. Buttons and plain..but different colored cardstock. And maybe more stickers. Help!! Helpppp!!!!

I hate so much that I'm the most uncreative person who aches to be crafty. I wish I were artistic! How am I my mother's daughter? Seriously though. How did I come from my parents who can do just about everything when their talents are combined..and here I am. I can buy the stuff, sure..but when it comes down to thinking up ways to make cute pages (look, I think sticking a picture on a piece of cardstock is lazy..and useless. If you want to do that..stick em in a normal album). Maybe I just need more papers? Hahaha.. oh geeze.


Sarah said...

Ok, I'll put my 2 cents in...but I'm not a pro at this stuff myself so you can take my advice/suggestions and do with them as you will... The #1 thing I ALWAYS find myself in need of, is a larger variety of solid cardstock. I pretty much did the same thing when I went out the first time to get "supplies"...came home with tons of gorgeous/cute/fun printed papers and no clue what to do with them. I use solid cardstock for the base of every page I do. The best way to start out is to pick a print(s) that you want to work with, then match a solid or 3 to it. Find a few diff ribbons that go well. (it's fun to take diff textured ribbons and put them in the same page.) Buttons, brads, eyelets, boshers...those are just a few basic embellishments but my favorites to use, along with the ribbon. I'm trying to make it a habit when I go to the scrapbook store, to match solids w/my prints right then so I don't get home and find that I have no solids to go with. I also really prefer the textured cardstock to the non-textured. A good place to go for layout ideas is ...not sure if that will work as a link or not, but copy/paste will I'm sure. Anyway, hope this lil tidbit of info is somewhat useful. I'm sure you'll do great!

P.S. Don't forget lots of acid/lignen free go through quite a bit of it!

Sarah said...

oooh....almost forgot...a 12" paper trimmer comes in handy also, if you haven't already picked one up...if you have a walmart around, I recommend getting one from their scrapbook section. You can get the same one that Michael's sells, for like 8 bucks cheaper. It's an orange &/or yellow color if I remember correctly. Walmart also has some other cutesie embellishments.