Friday, August 17, 2007

3 Years

Today is the 3 year anniversary of the car accident. I know I still talk about it from time to time..but I'd have to say if there was one defining moment in my life..that was probably it. The one thing that changed me forever. I do not drive on this day anymore.

These were not taken at the actual accident site..they were taken a few days later where the car ended up.

The only window the firemen cut out was the windshield to get us all out of there. The others shattered when we flipped, spun, and slid down the road.

We were on our way to Orion's apartment..a couple of days after I'd confessed I had a crush type thing on him (aww) to hang out. The last thing I remember saying when I knew it was too late was "shit!!" then I brought my legs up to my chest and held on until the car stopped moving. I remember seeing Rachael flipping around on all sides of the backseat. It was silent silent silent except for the sounds of glass shattering and the car grinding as we slid. As soon as we'd stopped, the car was on its side. I unbuckled my seatbelt and hopped down into the passenger side with Kristin. I remember telling her I was so so sorry..but also adding that it wasn't me who was driving..ya know..for the record. Cowardly, I know..but I was super afraid. I remember huddling with her under one of those blankets the firemen use while they cut the windshield out..just crying my eyes out with her. I knew none of our friendships were going to be the same after that. There was just no way. I was always always the one blamed for it..and ya know, I guess I should have been. I was driving. But silly silly me for trying to slow down on gravel to let friends pass. It's been said I was drunk. I wasn't. People will say whatever they want to make themselves feel better and the other look like the bad guy. Truth is, my inner voice was telling me to turn right instead of left when coming out of my mom's neighborhood. I didn't listen. Instead, I chose to turn left with my guy friends and race them out of the neighborhood. You just have to deal with the choices you make in life. It's also been said it's a miracle all of us came out alive with not much more than a couple of small cuts and bruises.

It's kind of funny to recall the things each of you said while waiting for help. Kristin said "where are my cigarettes??" Rachael said "where's my cellphone???" I said "is my make up okay?" Priorities, I guess.

This is also the 3 year anniversary of my husband and I being together. He raced to the hospital when he heard about the accident. That's when he'd realized he truly cared about me and that spark of love started. When others sat around being angry with me for something I didn't intentionally do and said mean awful things about me..while I sat around crying and crying and crying because I'm SORRY!!, he held on. And for that? I'm thankful.


YogaNana said...

Gee, I remember that day! I remember racing around the corner to find you when What's-His-Name called and said there had been an accident. I remember following the ambulance to the hospital, and I remember how fast Orion got there and how steady he seemed and how impressed I was.

Of course, I didn't find out til later that it had been you behind the wheel.

But no, you weren't drunk.

hilary said...

I don't understand what happened?

But I'm glad you're ok and still with us today. I love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Has it really been three years? Abby, you have grown up so much since then, but even I knew reading about the before and the after knew that you were NOT drunk during the wreck. The gravel spun out like gravel tends to do.
Don't dwell on this. Look at what this wreck led you to. You have a family now that is wonderful. Take comfort in that.
You HAVE done GOOD!!!


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

it was just that, an accident! you are such a sweet and caring and fun person abby!...and i love you!