Monday, August 27, 2007

Day 190

It's amazing to how one tiny little thing someone does..can hurt me so much. Way to play favorites and announce you're ashamed of me without even actually saying anything. Good job. Love you, too.

So, Sherry said she decided to not stay in FL the entire time because get this.. she said she'd miss hanging out with me. Awwww. That's sweet. She called this morning to see if I maybe wanted to drive with her down to Florida in a couple of weeks to spend a few days or something.. but I don't know that I can, really. Ya know..what with saving up for new furniture and everything, it doesn't leave much to do much.. especially drive down to Florida and stay in a hotel as well as, I'm assuming, actually DOING things. It all costs money and I'm afraid there just isn't much of it lyin around because of the goals I have set. But that's okay.. maybe another time. At least it was nice of her to ask.

Anyway. Orientation was this morning! I showed up about 25 minutes early..I can't stand being late for anything. Little by little more people and their small children trickled in (this is how badly I need a break: a woman asked me the name of the child I was holding. I'm so used to only introducing Calix in public because ya know, before Maddox there was only Calix and we actually went out and did stuff and introduced Calix to people. I haven't really had a chance to do that with Maddox yet.. so sometimes I think I still only have 1 child. I said "Calix. Wait, what? No..THIS is Calix" and I pointed Calix out "and THIS is Maddox" It's embarrassing to make people think you don't even know your own children's names..but it's's my first day back on coffee after a few weeks and I'm frazzled! Frazzledddd!!!!). Filled out some paperwork..discussed a few things..and I somehow ended up being the one to translate for an Ecuadorian who barely spoke any English. And I didn't even need to speak any Spanish (cause ya know.. I'm soooo fluent n all hahaha.. nope.). It was mostly a matter of people not being able to understand what points he was trying to get I basically wrote it out in crayon for them while he nodded in agreement that 'yes, this is what I'm trying to say'. Everyone turned to look at me while I explained it all, too. Way to shine the spotlight! It feels good to not be an idiot at times like that though. I may not know my children's names all the time..or even that I have 2 of them.. but I can surely help someone be understood.

Calix screamed and cried when I had to take him away from the train table so we could go look at the little rooms he and Maddox will be spending time in with other little children while mommy's out doing stuff. I'm a little sad that they'll be in different rooms. Maddox with the infants (who were all sitting around a table being fed when we went in. awww) and Calix next door with the toddlers (who were all screaming because it was their first day and 'where's my mommy and daddy?!!?!!!!!'). Calix also screamed and cried again after the tour was over and he had to put the baby dolls and cars back so we could go get him milk. Poor guy.

I need to get them each a pack of diapers to bring in with them and Maddox a couple of bottles (he uses the kind now with disposable liners and that's apparently a no go with them) and Calix a new pair of shoes that aren't sandals (safety reasons, I guess) on Thursday when we get paid before I can start leaving them there. But, I also need to call ahead and start making reservations for them so I can actually get them IN to be watched. It'll be good.. Calix is very very excited to make lots of little friends and play with all kinds of new toys. I have a feeling I'm going to have a hard time getting him out of there when it's time to go.

I'm still fairly nervous about leaving them there... ya know, trust issues. I just find it hard to trust other people with my babies. But I need to get used to it..and dang it.. I'm trying! And then I can start heading to the gym..and maybe get my nails done from time to time (how exciting!)..maybe do grocery shopping alone (though that one kind of makes me sad because Calix likes helping me unload the cart..and ya know, it just makes me smile). We'll see. This will be good though.

We went to Walmart to pick up milk and formula then came home, had lunch..took naps..and then while the boys were watching The Sword in the Stone, I made some rice krispy treats and we had a small sample while we all snuggled on the couch..because YAY!! Daycare!!

OH! So yeah, they cleared up the card scanning thing. Like I thought..they get scanned when the kids come in..scanned when they go out. Inventory.. on a children level. hahaha

Have a swell one!

Yay, I destroyed my room and am not wearing pants while I ride my trike! Horray!!!

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Sarah said...

He's super cute though...and looks very proud of himself for the fact he's sitting on his trike.

It didn't used to worry me about my kids running around in diapers w/nothing else on (at home that is) but ever since Trenton has been potty trained, if he doesn't have clothes over his underwear...his hand is like permanently planted in them. I dunno...he's a lil too friendly with himself if you know what I mean...