Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 178

While getting breakfast ready for Calix this morning, I glanced out the front window and saw this:

click it to make it bigger. Ya'll? That's a beaver. I guess he/she moved from across the way in our backyard to the front (we saw him/her while O was home on R&R wandering aimlessly down the street from us)..unless he/she has friends...and that is not, in fact the same little beavie..who actually isn't all that small. I guess it's just another one of those crazy "perks" of living in Kentucky.

Sherry and I took the boys out shopping for a bit today and then she treated us to dinner at a pizza joint. It's always interesting taking kids out to eat..especially when it's 1 parent per 2 little ones. But ya make the most of it because how often do I go out to eat? Like..never..and for that very same reason. It scares the daylights out of me to take the kids out to eat by myself because what if while they're getting our of them has a complete and utter freak out? No, thank you to that one.

Calix is rockin one of Maddox's (clean) spit up rags as a bib. Didn't know we were stopping for food..and new shirt new shirt..don't stain it!!

That's Sherry. She's all cute and fun n what not. Dark picture..but it was dark in there.

But, we had a good time! It's nice to finally have a good friend here.

..I was going to write a lot more..but O's on the phone. Priorities.

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Hilary said...

*giggles* I saw Abby's beaverrrr