Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 176

A special shout out to little Mr. Conor James for turning the big 1 today! Horray!! Go you!!

Your aunt Abby promises to be better at the birthday card thing next year. I figure I can't start mid-year because it's just not fair to the other kiddos. It'll start the "how come you got a card from aunt Abby and I didn't?" thing and kids thinking I love some of the others more than them.. and ya know, it's just not the case. Fact is, aunt Abby is just a really bad aunt and very forgetful..and/or lazy. She intends to change this about herself.

Also? Maddox is a cool 6 months old today and he won't stop singing about it.

"check mes out, esryone!! I's is 6is monthes olds todays!! does you lus it??"

Calix makes me wear that silly thing and seriously gets angry if I take it off. Gotta make the best of the situation, I guess.

Also..and this is the last also.. Calix has tricks now. I encourage it only because I don't want him to be so scared when we go to the playgrounds anymore. He climbs up..and then doesn't know what to do. SO.. I encourage this fearless boy thing. For now.



Crystal said...

I LOVE the little Calix face down at Maddox's feet!!! That is so cute!!!

hilary said...

happy bday Maddox! i can't believe how big he's getting

tamara said...

omg maddox is huge! he's like.. a real baby now, not an infant haha. i didnt even notice the little man under him, so cute...when can aunt tama come visit?