Friday, July 27, 2007

Day 159

What else did I do today besides drag a bookcase that's just about as old..and maybe as heavy as I am up the stairs?

I hung the new shelves I bought a little while ago

I'd like to add how frustrating hanging all of those shelves were. The screw measurements had to be *just* right to fit into the many slots. That corner one was the biggest pain in my ace. And I know it may not look like anything special to ya'll..but I've been itching to get that project done for a couple of weeks now..and I totally can't stop staring at that wall.

I have plans for the living room..haha..and where that silly little playpen is right now? The new love seat will be in about a month. Aww yes, suckas..the countdown to new living room furniture is ON! I totally fantasize about how lovely the place is going to look once it's all in there. Wanna see my new dining room table? EEEE!

I think about the cute cushions for the seats. I think about the striped chair that offsets the sofas. I think about a new cute wall clock..and the new curtains..and and and.. I just get *so* excited. Ah, *finally* our place of residence will feel more like a cozy home. And that totally makes me smile.

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Jenna said...

Your corner shelves look great, and I'm totally in LOVE with that dining room set! You better be careful with yourself though! Crazy woman!