Sunday, May 06, 2007

Week 11

Ya know..I've been thinking about it..and well, this Mother's Day is going to suck. I think it's the one I deserve to be celebrated the most for..and well, my kids don't know anything about it. I want stuff done for ME for a change..I want someone else to take the kids for the day or something..just..golly, give me a BREAK..but's not to be. I know..I'll have all kinds of other Mother's Days to make up for it..but geeze..this time around, I really need..I don't know..something.

Is that like..totally greedy of me? Is it wrong that *I* want to be celebrated? I don't know..I kind of feel weird about even bringing it up..but like..well, I kind of just want to be like..acknowledged. And I know..I haven't been a mother for such a long time or anything..but I feel like this will be the worst Mommy's Day ever. Only for the fact that my boys are helpless..and Orion's away. And it's kind of the one I've worked my butt off for. So..hmmm.

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