Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Day 94

Calix is the proud owner of a new gangsta hair trim. He um..doesn't stay still? So it was kind of one of those..distract and cut as fast as you can kinds of deals. Look, he needed it. He was working his way up to a mullet. A MULLET!!!! NOOOO!!!! Not my way. His hair was always fuzzy in the back..and no amount of combing or styling products could keep it down. While it doesn't look terribly also has "home haircut" written all over it. But hey..nothing says "my mom loves me" like a really bad self done cut, right?


Also.. I know I haven't really been writing much lately..but well, there really isn't much to write about. And the things there are to write about are suddenly restricted topics. SO.. I'm thinking about maybe starting a new blog. I'll keep this one around for baby type stuff and things of the such..but I'll save the real writing for the other place. And yes..the other place will be private.
Anyway.. I'm also not writing much lately because well, as much as they irritate me from time to time (around 3-7..every day)..I love the boys. I'm enjoying being their mommy to an extreme.

Maddox discovered himself in the mirror this morning. He's seen himself before..but this time, he was almost flirting with himself. Laughing and then realizing the other person in the mirror with him was his mommy and he would get all smiley and silly. I friggin adore that kid to no end!

But listen..9 more days until O gets on a plane..and up to 16 days or so before I actually *see* him. Hopefully it won't take a full week to get here because he's traveling with the guy that lives down the street from us (and awwww..his wife is being induced on Friday!)..and that supposedly gets ya home quicker. Or something along those lines. So..9-16 days before I get hugs and kisses and total cuddle time. I cannot wait, ya'll.

Hopefully we can talk grandma into watching the boys on the 16th. If not overnight at her place (hey..she *does* have a room they built for the two boys) (though the only thing that worries me there is that she's extra hard of hearing and I have a feeling she wouldn't hear Maddox at 4 in the morning screaming his heart out for milk) then till like..9 at night or something and we'll pick them up. We're trying to actually go out alone for the first time since ya know..becoming parents. They live about an hour the travel thing would suck..but I mean..the girl that lives on this street who I thought could babysit..apparently can't..and not knowing anyone around here (hey..I'm putting myself out there. I'm meeting people again.)..doesn't really give us much of a choice. Unless we, again, forfeit going out alone together (oh my gosh..noooo. Ya'll I NEED alone time with my husband like you wouldn't even understand) and bring the kids along.

Sigh. Shut up..I get all teary thinking about how BADLY I want a night out alone with O...away from the kids for once..and it just feels so unattainable. last weird thing. I had a dream about..well..I don't even remember what..but I remember seeing the word "Scintillant"..and it had the definition of "flash of light" or to it. Ya'll..I must be this genius in my sleep..because as far as I'm aware..I have never ever seen that word before in my life. So I looked it up. Yeah. It's a real word..and yeah..that's mostly what it means. So..there's that.


hilary said...

where's the picture of his haircut?! lol those are blackmail pics for yearssss to come!

tamara said...

yeah, i want funny haircut pic