Monday, May 14, 2007

Cuddle's House of Pain

Today's been a mighty painful one.

Just as we were getting ready to head out the door to do some shopping, Calix tripped over his own feet (hey man..when you're that are tough to walk in sometimes) smacking his face on the ground and biting through his lip. I didn't actually see it because I was in the kitchen making a to-go bottle for Maddox..but I heard it. And well..that's pretty much what it sounded like. He came screaming and crying to me..we wiped his tears up..checked to see if he was missing any teeth from the hard fall and determine how bad the cut actually was. It's pretty deep..but I pressed a wet rag onto the cut to get it to stop it mostly looks like a cold sore or something equally icky. Then he had some milk and a cracker to make it all better (dude..and to help rinse the blood off his teeth). Lemme tell ya..I was proud of myself for handling the situation like that. All calm like. Last year, when he ate that piece of glass, I was just in shambles..on the phone with 911 and what not. This time around, I was just trying to figure out of the kid needed stitches..and geeze, how much fun *that* would be ("Calix, stop playing with your stitches!!").

The rest of the beatings have been taken by me. Given by my oh so darling son. I had a book thrown at my kneecap..corner first. I had a truck corner jabbed into my right hand with extreme toddler force (I seriously thought it was broken for a few minutes and worried about how I'd change diapers with the good hand out of order. would they send Orion home for something like that? haha). And a HUGE nursery rhyme book hurled at my left area. I won't lie when I say I cried a bit after the last blow because COME ON!!! Stop beating your mother up!

In other news..I'm going blonde tonight. Well, it'll probably take a few days to get the results I want. But I mean.. I don't look *terrible* blonde, ya know

There are a few pictures of a blonde abby from a few years know. Eh...if you wanna look around, too, I don't mind. Pshhh..that site's brag page "look at how thin and hot I used to be!!!" I said it.

K..back to the bleaches.


Jenna said...

Poor little guy! Mouth cuts bleed so much! Extra scary for mom. Sounds like you did great. And what's with his animosity for books? And always at you? Better read to him more! :)

Abby said...

If I read to him anymore than I already do, I'd never get anything else done. He loves books..he loves to play with them and pretend he's actually reading "blah tree!! tree! boon!! mmm good!"..but sometimes the toddler gets the best of him..and then he suddenly wants nothing to do with books at all. Get them away! and that's mostly when they're hurled. It's kind of like dealing with a teenaged girl..not knowing where to place her emotions and what not.