Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 59

So...I'm officially convinced that this house is haunted. I if hearing a dining room chair slide across the room before going to bed and then waking up to see said chair on the other side of the room..and then the time I was up feeding Maddox in the middle of the night and randomly got a breeze of Orion's scent that lasted a minute or so and then left as abruptly as it came..weren't enough, I woke up at 3 to feed Maddox and my bedroom door was wide open..and so was his. Now if anyone knows me..they can tell ya I sleep with the door closed. It was closed while I was reading last night, I can tell ya that much. Having it open just kind of weirds me out..especially now that I'm here alone.

Anyway, so when I woke up and saw that..I like froze and *so* didn't wanna get out of bed to go make a bottle because CREEPY! But, I had to...and it felt like someone was watching me the entire time. Ewwwwww.

So, my doctor's appointment went well yesterday. Calix was good and trotted alongside me while holding my hand. His little Chuck Taylors slapping the tiles. The women up in OB/GYN were all excited to see me again and were all over Maddox..hehe so that was cute. There was also a 15 month old little boy (who was taller than Calix. Just when you think your kid's getting all kinds of tall..a 15 month old goes and shows him up) in the waiting room that Calix got to play with. They shared toys and treats...he was happy. The woman who weighs you and gets your blood pressure and all of that was totally being so sweet and helped me out with the boys by pushing the stroller while I carried Calix. And then all of the women looked surprised when I was carrying both boys (Maddox had just gotten done eating and I was in the middle of burping him when we got called back. Isn't that how it always happens?) and kept asking "how do you do that?!?" "you just have to sometimes" I said. It's not like it's a big deal or anything..or maybe I'm just so used to carrying them both around by now that it's *not* a big deal to me. it took a little bit of setting up when we got into the room..but it worked out nicely. Calix was being a good boy in his stroller..eating some craisins..while Maddox sat in the carseat crapping his pants.

Yeah, I was a little flustered..but when am I not when I'm out in public with both of them? The midwife who was checking me out could tell. She was all "do you have any questions..or do you feel like there's no time for them because he needs a diaper change?" I really didn't have any questions..but changing him was totally the main thing on my mind because dude..he stunk. She was also asking me if I wanted to quit smoking and I was like "not right now, no. I started again because my husband's deployed and well, it honestly helps to relieve some stress" She agreed about the stress thing and decided it probably wasn't best for me to quit while he's gone anyway..and she said it's obviously not hard for me to quit either (hey..I went all of the pregnancy without even thinking about a cigarette) because I've done it before. Hey, at least it's never around the babies. Blah, so it mostly went well.

Oh, hey.. I'm a pound lighter than I thought I was to begin with..and lemme tell ya, I thought there was a chance I might weigh *more* than my original guess..but nope. of now, I'm 24 pounds lighter than I was when I went into labor. It's still a big number for me..but hey, it's a start. 8 more pounds and I'll be where I was when I got pregnant with Maddox..and then 46 away from the weight I was when I first met Orion. I don't think it's an unachievable goal, ya know? It's going to take a bit longer than it used to..but I'll get there.

Okay..both boys are up and screaming for me. Ah, another day.

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