Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 57 1/2 hehe

It took quite a bit of time, but Oxxie's finally resting. He's just been so cranky all day. I don't blame him..acid reflux hurts. At least I have yummy Tums smoothies to make things better.

Speaking of smoothies. Calix totally had one with his breakfast. I handed him his cup of milk..and then said "hey, give that back to mommy. Maddox is still sleeping. Do you want a fruit smoothie?" Poured his milk, some sliced bananas and a few strawberries into the blender and BAM! He was *lovin* it.

And then for dinner, we had parmesan vegetarian chicken over whole wheat penne with a nice chunky sauce (mommy had a fantastically good salad with hers). He wasn't so into it at first..and was kind of just pushing it around. I guess he was watching me be so into it all..that by the time I was done eating, I turned around to look at him and he's not even paying attention and shoving all of the veggie chunks from the sauce into his mouth..the penne was already devoured along with the "chicken" (he normally rejects it). Hehehe..I was so proud!

Anyway, so my 8 week post partum check up is tomorrow. I obviously have to bring both boys with me..because ya know..I suck like that. BUT! I was thinking about how it would work out because Maddox is usually strapped to my chest while Calix is in the stroller..and well, that's not going to work well tomorrow. And then I totlaly figured it out. I'll put Maddox's carseat in the stroller..and hold Calix's hand while he walks with me (or shoot.. I can carry him, too)..and then he can play in the waiting room..and then?? When we get in to see the doctor? Pull the carseat out and plop Calix in the stroller..that way he's not running around getting into everything and Maddox isn't keeping me from ya know..undressing. I'm a ninja, I tells ya!!!

Someday I'll buy a double stroller. I dream big, ya'll.

Okay..time for my old..boring..child-filled self to crawl into bed and read before passing out. Mmmmm bedddd.


Jenna said...

Sounds like a yummy dinner! Good for you! Good luck at the doctor's. I hate visits like that with kids in tow.

Friglet said...

Mommy's are the masters at solving problems. A dad would never be able to plan out that doctor's visit!

Go you!