Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Day 47

I have blisters on my palms. BLISTERS!! Why? Because I wrang out an ENTIRE load of baby laundry. Why? Because my washing machine up and gave out on me before it could even do the spin cycle. It started leaking like..oil or something all over the kitchen floor..so like..the thing's pretty much dead. No..it's dead.

I have no idea where the money for a new washing machine's going to come from..and I'm *really* hoping I won't have to lug both kids to the laundry mat..ever..because how much would that suck, Batman?

Jenna? Stood there laughing at me the whole time...and also took pictures. I mean..she took care of the kids while I scooped the water out by pan then glass..then soaked up the remaining with a rag..because ew, stagnant water.

She wanted me to go get a pedicure today..now I'm not thinking about fighting her on it anymore.

My morning sucked.


YogaNana said...

Oh, you SO don't want to hear this -- first year of marriage I did nearly ALL our laundry (which included your dad's lovely heavy bulky Army fatigues) in the bathtub, because I couldn't figure out the German laundromats and just couldn't stand schlepping everything on my bike. You want to talk about wringing things out?

I didn't have a washer until shortly before Josiah was born -- and I didn't have use of a car. The laundry routine was to put the first bag of laundry into the stroller seat, the second bag of laundry on top of the little shade thingy (with the open part of the pillowcase/laundry bag wrapped around the handle so I could hold onto it), stuff the box of detergent on the rack under the seat, and balance to stinky diaper pail (yes, diaper pail, no pampers) and the bottle of bleach in the basket behind the seat.

What about the kids? Jenna rode in a backpack and Ethan in a tummy pack. Five blocks, sometimes in the snow (but not barefoot and uphill both ways -- that was only going to school, and that was 10 miles). I may have told you about the time we were doing this and Jenna threw up all down my very-long and thick hair and also wrecked the suede jacket* I was wearing.

And that was on the way TO the laundry, not on the way FROM.

I feel your pain and I remember mine. Someday you'll tell your kids about this day and they'll roll their eyes. :o)

*Suede jacket left over from "When I Was a Single Girl."

Abby said...

ah, I know that story well. And you're right..I'm totally rolling my eyes because that was like 30 friggin years ago..and mine's going on TODAY..and it also happens to be turning out to be one of the WORST days ever. I'm not in a good mood. grrrr

tamara said...

dude...your mom is a trooper

Abby said...

yeah, she's totally hot like that.

YogaNana said...

I'm not bitter about it or anything, it's just what was. At the time I was (in my head) just a plucky little hippie/pioneer chick doin' what had to be done. :o)