Friday, March 30, 2007

Is the day over yet????

I have a ginormous headache and I really wish it would just stop already. That on top of being extra tired is making it hard for me to keep my eyes open. Can't nap though..Calix is still up and getting into everything (yeah, he just figured out how to turn the tv on and's annoying).

My darling big sister gets here late tonight! Horray for Jenna!

I guess I should clean up..but seriously? The house isn't *so* bad that I should be on my hands and knees scrubbing all day. I think a nap is first and foremost..and then I have to go to the commissary to get a few things (I've decided to wait to do the major food shop till Jenna gets here and we figure out what we're eating for the next week) and then to the post office to mail out a couple of boxes to Orion..but even that can wait till tomorrow, I think. So then that stuff..oh, and a much needed shower for myself..and between looking after the kids and ya know..feeding them and stuff..I guess I could attempt to get a little cleaning done..though I'm not sure how successful it'll be.

Things like that seem to be getting harder and harder to do..not because of Calix..because I can clean with him around. Not a big deal. But Maddox's alert time is getting longer and longer..and he's not a fan of sitting alone in his swing or his vibrating chair or even just laying there for a while. No..he wants to be held. Hmmm..perhaps I should bring the tummy pack in from the car and stick him in that so I can do things. Yeah yeah..that might work for a little bit.

So..funny story. A couple of days ago when I called maintenence to come fix the friggin older gentleman came out. After he'd fixed the problem (macaroni. 60 year old pipes and macaroni don't mix) he had me sign off that yeah, he came out and fixed the problem..and then he was all "if you sign here, I can take that one off your hands for a couple of weeks" talking about I was all "hey, you want to go live with this man for a while?" and he said "yeah" and nodded and looked all serious about it. We laughed it off..and then the guy left. Calix? Started screaming and crying because the guy left without him. He was probably planning what toys to bring with him in his head. Anyway..way to make your mom feel good, right? You'd rather go live with a stranger..than stay here with me and be cuddled.

I told Calix and Maddox that Mother's Day is just around the corner and all I want? Is for them to be good that day. No hitting your little brother. that would ever happen. A day of peace. Right. But when I requested those things..I couldn't help but feel like my mom. All she ever wanted for Mother's Day was for "everyone to be good". Hahaha! Riiggghhhhtttt.

Hey..I want Chinese food. On the reals.


Friglet said...

Macaroni and new pipes don't mix either. Trust me. ;)

Cristina said...

Dude, I haven't read my blogs in ages - Congratulations!!! He's adorable!