Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's a "birthday" sort of day here. Today Calix wants everyone to know he's officially 18 months old and that his baby brother is 6 weeks old..but that's okay because he's just little and doesn't know as much about the world as his big brother does (not that he claims to know a whole lot).

I might have to whip up some sort of a cake or..something special for him. We celebrated his 6 month birthday..so..why not his 18 month? Shoot..mommy likes parties. Even if the only guests *are* babies. Perhaps even pizza for dinner. Yeah..that'd make him happy.

So far it's been a fairly good day. Calix was very pleased with his breakfast this morning..and mommy was pleased with herself that it wasn't completely unhealthy. He had a frozen waffle (I toasted it up obviously. I'm not going to throw an ice brick on my son's tray and be like "eat up!") smeared with strawberry jam..and green grapes sliced in half length-wise and tossed around in low fat peach chunked yogurt.
I've never been able to get that kid to eat grapes before this morning. Raisins? Totally worships. Grapes? Not so much. Ah, unless your mommy's a ninja and mixes them around in yogurt so you're tricked into thinking it's a super treat instead of something that's good for you.

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