Monday, March 26, 2007

Day 36

Not much went on here today.

Sad news: Orion ran out of minutes and dollars to call me with. hearing his voice until Thursday when we get paid again. I mean..unless someone wanted to put $10 (it's the minimum) on his phone card for him. He has cash..but the place he can call from only lets you call a certain way...and it doesn't take other kinds of phone cards. Weird if you ask me. Which you didn't, I know..but just sayin..just sayin.

Once again, it took until about 3 to get both of the boys done with their naps..fed..dressed..and me showered and dressed to get out the door to go fetch a can of formula..and milk for Calix. Yeah..the process started at about 11 this morning. It's just a timing issue. I only manage to make it out the door early (and shaking) if I'm scrambling..and actually have to be somewhere at a specific time. Wic covered Calix's stuff..but I was seriously like..counting quarters for the last bit of Maddox's formula because his next Wic check doesn't kick in until Wednesday. "You know it's close to pay day when.." I said to the cashier and she said she too has had to do that from time to time..and shoot, even still does. It's my fault though, really. I bought too many books. :(

I also replaced 3 of the movies that'd gotten stolen by Pakistanis for Orion. It was going to be a I had them all again, I was going to ship them to him..but well, I'm really awful at the whole surprise thing. Always have been. I'm sorry. It was one of those " you wanna know? Okay..guess which ones" and he'd name other movies and I'd be like "you took THAT with you?!?!?!!!" and he'd say I approved them all to go before he packed them away. I'd just forgotten is all..and I'm wondering just *how* many movies do I need to replace?? Anyway, so I re-bought Munich, Enemy at the Gates, and We Were Soldiers. Munich arrived today. And please, if you think for one second I'm getting a new copy of any of those stolen'd be wrong. Unless of course doesn't have a used copy of the others. That's right..I'm thrifty. Hey ya know.. we may just end up getting one of our stolen movies back. Hahahaha. What a riot.

I finally got a hold of Karen in the OB/GYN clinic and set up my 6-8 week check up. April 17th. She had one set for this Wednesday but then decided they like them to be scheduled closer to the 8 week mark instead. Hey ya know..fine with me. It gives me more time to stop the bleeding already or just die! Golly! Out of control. I'm seriously getting tired of walking like I'm wearing a freaking diaper..or have something stuck up my vahayhay. I never bled this long with Calix..with him it was like..3 weeks tops. But with him I also had sex 5 days after giving birth. Stitches n all (I'm gonna get yelled at for this one..I can just feel it. And I can also see Orion all mortified after reading that realizing how many, how many family members read this and now know. Mua haha ha! Who caaaarrreeesssss?). Maybe that's the trick. Just sayin.

Oh! aND i ALSO..well hello there, caps..just drop right in why don't ya? Geeze. Make yourself comfortable. Anyway, I also finally fixed Maddox's drawer. It took some wood glue and smacking..and baby wipes to clean up the drippy wood glue..and part of Maddox's rug was sacrificed to the cause..but I saved it the best I could. Fixing the drawer wasn't the hard part. Getting the drawer BACK on its tracks had me flustered because the dang thing is just so big! And then Calix saw me struggling and tried to help out..but really only made things I kicked him out of the room. He cried. I said "I knowwww I'm a mean mommy! Mean and horrible! Tell your therapist about it when you're older." (because let's face it. Me as his mother..the kid will end up in therapy. Probably telling the therapist about sex or whatever..because that's really all mommy seems to talk about. and hey, maybe the therapist will learn a little something and end up paying Calix for his time.). Now at some point..hopefully tonight..I'll find the time to put his clothes back where they belong..because NO, I still have NOT had the time to put laundry away.

Shut was a terrible weekend.

On the way home from picking up milk of the powder and liquid sort.. I asked Calix if he wanted mommy to just drive around for a while. He said "yeah" so..instead of going straight home like I normally do (I've had the same tank of gas for over 5 weeks now, people!) whenever I go anywhere (I'm always so anxious to get home! Why?!?!?! Ooo..what am I going to miss?)..I kept driving. And MAN I felt like such a rebel! I turned up the music all loud..and rolled down Calix's window so he could feel the warm breeze blowing through his super fine baby hair..and I sang. Loudly. And I felt myself smiling..and *man* it just felt so good. Like I was doing something right, ya know? I'd turn to look back at him and he was staring out the window..and then he'd catch me looking at him and he'd give me his goofy smiles. It just felt right.

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