Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 30!

We're 30 weeks today! How exciting! 10 weeks left (but probably less with my history haha)!

I had plans to go to the commissary today to pick up the last of the fresh produce and a couple of other minor things for Thanksgiving..but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. I've been feeling a bit of pressure and even small bits of sharp type pains..but I'm hoping they're just stretching type pains. She's been moving around like CRAZY all morning and there are no contractions (though, LOTS of Braxton Hicks last night) I'm pretty sure we're in the clear. Just trying to relax and take it easy for the day. Totally annoying because there's so much I want to get done!

Our hospital bags are packed (minus a couple of things like nursing bras, underpants, and socks and then the easy grabs like cameras, phones, and makeup) because we've been down this road before. When I went into labor with Calix at 32 weeks, we literally just went to the hospital (as per instructions) without anything and Orion ended up making a trip or 2 back home after I was settled in to fetch some things. Maddox at 36 1/2 weeks was a fast grab and go sort of situation as well. So this time? Orion was bound and determined at like..27 weeks to be packed hahaha. So we are.

I've been trying my best to keep up with the housework (okay, my bedroom and bathroom could use a good cleaning) and keeping the fridge, freezer, and pantry stocked so that WHEN we have to head out and Amy comes to stay with the boys (and if it happens during school days, Calix won't be going for a day or 2 just because it's an added hassle for Amy and I'd like to keep her life as easy as possible while she's here.), there won't be hunger issues hahaha (though, with couponing and stockpiling the way I do, I don't think that would be an issue anyway. But still.).

Her nursery is all set and ready to go (if you just looked past all of the presents wrapped and waiting for tags and bows)...we're ready. The most prepared we've EVER been for a child..and that feels so so good. We've certainly come a LONG way in 5 years and that makes me feel so proud.

Wednesday morning, I have another COB (complicated OB) appointment (it is also Orion's 29th birthday!), Thursday is, obviously, Thanksgiving and I'm hoping I won't crumble in the kitchen because we're having company over for dinner and ya know..I just can't crumble. Then next Wednesday the 1st, I have another ultrasound! I feel so spoiled with all of these ultrasounds..but they're, ya know, because I'm a "complicated patient". They've gotta keep a close eye on me and her. It's for a reason.

Anyway, I haven't taken any 30 week pictures (and probably won't)..but here's 29 weeks:

Hooray for baby bellies! :)


Jen G-son said...

I love how you still wear heels pregnant :)

Hannah said...

Oh how excting. Is anyone helping you cook for Thanksgiving? I don't want you to be all stressed out.

Also... LOVE those shoes.

Abby said...

My goal is to have an awesome heel collection. I WANT Kaydence to want to wear my shoes for dress-up and what not. I'm pretty excited about that. Orion doesn't think it's a great enough reason to buy so many heels..he clearly doesn't understand.

I'm doing Thanksgiving on my own..just like usual. I'm baking the pies and what not tomorrow (which is why I'm making O's birthday cake today) and also prepping all that I can..that way most of the foods can just be popped into the oven. The only thing that'll really take much time at all are mom's dinner rolls. But even still..those are done in bursts. Shouldn't be SO bad. :)

Jenna said...

30 weeks is a milestone indeed! It's all downhill from here and will go super fast, especially with the holidays. It feels so good to be prepared! Good for you. I can remember before Dylan and Aiden were born I was even making dinners and freezing them. So, now that you're set.....RELAX and enjoy the last (hopefully!) 10 weeks! Love you!

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Mary said...

I just found your blog and became totally involved in your story. I hope that all has turned out well for you and your family. 2/9/11

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kapua said...

I agree with @Jen G-son! I think you've just inspired me to do the same when it's my time :) haha and those look like 2-3 in. heels too!

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Anonymous said...

I just happened to trip across your blog. Very cute! You have a beautiful family.

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