Monday, August 23, 2010

And We Have A...

Last Wednesday, I'd mentioned on Facebook that it was 3 more weeks until we found out the sex of the lil one growing within and who thinks it's a girl and who thinks it's another boy? It was unanimous..everyone thought it was a girl. Orion and I have felt like it's FOR SURE a girl for a while now (for a bit, we were back and forth. Feels like a boy. Feels like a girl. And my choices to wear yellow didn't help anything..but I did think it was funny. Here I am not sure if it's a boy or girl and my clothing won't even sway me one way or the other!) but then there's the everyone saying it's a girl just because this is my last baby and they all know how badly I want one? (older readers REALLY know how much I want a girl. I've spent DAYS crying and aching for a lil girl of my own for so long!)

So anyway, a friend who lives down the road from me said, after finding out I was 18 weeks along, there are places out here that'll let me find out the baby's gender (assuming it will cooperate..because sometimes the lil ones don't!) for a very small fee. A seriously small fee for something that magical. I quickly got to work looking them up and found Tomorrow Today (which won't let me link it.. and while shaking, called them up and made an appointment for the next day. Orion's been on an exercise on the other end of the island..he leaves at 6 in the morning and doesn't get home til about 8 at night..but I wanted to give him the opportunity to be there for I e-mailed him and asked if he could sneak away for about an hour the next day to come with me.

There's something you should know about me..I have very little patience. Especially when I'm so anxious about something. Like finding out the gender of my baby. So I called back and changed my appointment for that same afternoon..ready to surprise Orion (he's really not the type to get mad about such things..and besides, he'll get to see baby on September 8th when I do my military doctor appointment where they do the measurements and what not. He'll see a bigger baby..and for a longer period of time.). I picked Calix up from school and headed over to Amy's house because she was coming along for the excitement. I'm not going to lie to you..I had to pop a few Pepto tablets. Something you should also know about me..I keep a box of Pepto tabs in the van (I still get anxiety over driving after that nasty car accident where I almost killed my friends and myself 6 years ago..six years ago on Saturday. And because I'm pregnant, I can't take my real medication for this I deal with it and take Pepto.).

While in the waiting room, I checked my e-mail and there was one from Orion. To my relief, he'd said he couldn't make it the next day. Oh, thank goodness..I don't have to feel like the worst wife ever for going without him a day early! I was called back and left Amy with the boys in the waiting room..and after the technician ran the wand thing over my belly I called out to Amy and the boys and asked if they wanted to come back and watch..but to not judge my gross belly as it's carried 2 other babies and has fluctuated in weight by large numbers. It'll never be able to wear a bikini again..I'll say that much (but may I direct you to I know I've talked about that website after I had Calix..but it's still a good site!). She led the babies back and they each took a seat. I had to lay on my side to get the baby to flip over a little bit so we could get a better look at it and then..then she ran the wand (what's the real name for that thing??) over my belly again and Amy gasped and said "oh, no." "what??" "I think I just saw some balls" and my heart sank a little bit and then I was thinking 'how did you see ANYTHING?? She ran over my belly SO quickly! Ninja eyes!' (hahaha) and then the tech woman (who was the sweetest tech of all time..she even had her own baby in the office for a bit..aww!) said "oh, no..what you're seeing is a swollen vagina"

Ahh!!!!!! I cried! Tears started flowing and the tech (what was her name?? Caley? Something like that) handed me a paper towel and said "aww, I'm gonna cry!" hehehe and then I let out a big "WOOHOO!!!!!!". My girl! I finally get my baby girl!!! AHHH!!!!!!!!!! And then we spent some time checking out her small body. She really had no issues flashing the vadge..but just about every time Caley tried to get a good shot of her face, she would put her hand up and cover and turn away. She must want to keep SOMETHING a surprise. But what I did see..was, of course, adorable (as adorable as you can get on an ultrasound).

I see so many of my features in her face already. Is this 2 for Abby's side of the family or will she end up looking more like Orion and have it be 2 for his side of the family?? What a precious little baby!

Amy had this awesome idea (though, I totally did a poor execution of it..nerves, ya'll..nerves!). We stopped by the commissary on the way home and she purchased a blue cake and we had the decorator write in blue icing "congratulations it's a girl"..hoping he would see all of the blue and think it was a boy..until he saw what it actually said. It didn't work so well because I didn't build him up in any way for the thinkings it's a boy.

This video is terrible..I look like a total frump a dump (I am most of the time I'm at home anyway)..but it was one of those..normal clothes make me feel icky and sweaty and let's just throw on some baggy jammies and put my glasses on.

We've known for 5 years that we wanted to name our girl (if ever we should have one) Kaydence. That was a for sure name..but we kept going back and forth on middle names (Peyton, Lennon, Ellie..) for just as long. Nothing seemed "right". Well, last night while Orion was giving the boys a bath, I was watching tv and someone had said something along the lines of "it's going to be such bliss to have this baby.." and I gasped. I gasped and I started crying. Then I said it out loud "Bliss. Kaydence Bliss" and she started kicking around in my belly. I'm not sure if that means she hates it or likes it..but I took it as a good sign haha. I waited until Orion was finished and I called him down to discuss. I teared up as I was telling him about this name. He said it a few times and we both agreed that, yes, this is the right name for our little girl. Such bliss to finally have our girl..this little bundle that we've waited so long for (when, *really*, we haven't waited THAT long for her..just feels like an eternity). The finishing touch on our family. :)

I've been doing shopping for little girl items and finally found her bedding and came up with what I think (in my head it's amazing) will make for an adorable nursery..and I finally got to finish our baby registry on (if anyone was wondering. There's not a whole lot on there..but I *did* sell everything baby about 2 weeks before we found out I was expecting. That made me feel awesome. You can either look up Abby Delgado or Orion Delgado to access it. We don't expect anything from anyone..but I know we've already had a few people ask about it. So there it is.). Orion finally moved the rest of the extra furniture out of her nursery and I've hung up flowy curtains. I have a package of..ideas..coming in the mail today..and I'm really hoping they work like I imagine they will. *fingers crossed*

Lots to do..lots to do!

Grow, Kaydence..grow! <3 <3


Jenna said...

It's all so wonderful, Abby! I'm so excited for you! You have such a sweet family and Kaydence Bliss will be the perfect addition to it!

Brittany Marie Trevino said...

im so thrilled for you and your family!! and love love her name :) perfect!

YogaNana said...

I've missed so many posts! All I do anymore is scan FB!

But as you know, we're thrilled for you with all the baby news! I hope Kaydence will have a lot of paitience, because I'm under a mountain of Christmas knitting as well as packing, but she shall have gifts, indeed! All the baby boys in the family the past few years have been wonderful, but I'm pleased to have someone to knit for in pink. :o)

Oh, and I like the rooms swapped. It makes sense to have the dining room right there with the kitchen, and the smaller living room is cozy. :o)

Anonymous Girl said...

so happy your dream is coming through...

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