Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A couple of days ago, I'd mentioned to the husband that I've wondered pretty much since we've moved in how the downstairs would look with the rooms switched around. Why? Well..because our dining room table left about maybe 2 feet on all sides to scoot around in order to even sit down..which was awkward when we had company..not to mention just how grubby that room got on the daily. It was like the boys finger painted on the furniture. Absolutely nasty. So while I had intentions of eating there as a family for all meals..it rarely happened. I just didn't want to even go IN that room..it just didn't feel right.

And then everything else? Was in the Great Room. The "office", the living room, exercise equipment scattered all over the place, and then? The kitchen. The kitchen island has enough hang over space for cute saddle stools..but with the living room furniture just behind it? Too crowded. Everything was too crowded! Jumbled and messy and gave me anxiety hahaha. So..what can it hurt to move some things and try out a new set up? If it doesn't work..hey, at least everything was deep cleaned and can be moved back in about an hour or so (and uh..you never know just how grubby and dusty your house is until you MOVE things! Ew!).

Remember what it looked like before? I hope so..because I don't feel like digging through photo folders hahaha!

There are still a few things I want to do..but this is what's going on right now:

Everything feels so spacious..except for the living room which feels cozy..like a little den or something..and I like that. I like that the table is now a part of the kitchen area and that we, as a family, have eaten together for the last 4 meals (which would be every meal since the re-arranging was done).
I like that the exercise equipment isn't just stuffed into corners anymore and that it feels more accessible now..which is awesome because I've been ordered by my doctor to exercise every day until I start sweating to hopefully keep my blood pressure at a decent level and weight lifting will hopefully help to keep me from getting gestational diabetes (I have another 3 hour test for that in about 15 weeks at the 28 week mark..oh goodie goodie gumdrops!)..not to mention working out will help to keep the extreme weight gain down (I don't even want to discuss how much I've gained so far. Okay, it's 14 pounds. NOT HAPPY! hahaha..though, I will give myself a little credit by saying that the first 9 or 10 pounds came back super easily because of the way I was losing weight. It wasn't off for good yet and was just ready and willin to come back on if given the chance. And it got its chance when as soon as I found out I was pregnant, i was like BOOM! Let me eat! So.). If I can get away with not gaining more than 21 more pounds..I'll call that a smashing success (given that I was not eating healthily while pregnant with Maddox..nor was I exercising and I only gained 32 with him). But I *really* don't want to gain more than that...so I'm super willing to do what I can to keep those numbers down (in a healthy way) so that I'm not struggling to lose all of the weight afterwards. I figure if I put a cap at 21 more pounds..after the baby's born, I would pretty much just be at what I was on New Year's..which would then make me feel hopeful about it not taking forever to get back to where I was before getting pregnant. So..here's to crossed fingers!
Anyway, the whole new setup is taking some getting used to..but I think we all like it..and, to me, that's all that matters. I don't really care if people think it's weird to have my treadmill close-ish to the table. It is what it is and if it means I'll be getting more use out of all of those things that we paid such good money for? Yes. Absolutely yes.

And, the boys LOVE that they have more room to run around and drive their trucks in..which is very loud for me..but feels nice at the same time. I'm sure the neighbors *LOVE* the added noise. They're welcome. :)
ALSO! A very happy sweet 16 to my niece Lyndsay today! From your aunt who was just 11 when you were born. Precious! <3>


Jen G-son said...

OOO I love it! I'm jealous you have a treadmill!!!!

Saint Holiday said...

OK; now come over here & straighten out my rooms. I love you.

His Holiness the Pop

Jenna said...

I think it looks great! Good idea! It has to FEEL right, for sure.

Just wondering, would it make sense to turn the treadmill so that you could see the TV while walking/running, and not just the wall?

Abby said...

Good question, Jenna. I thought about it..but I'm not a big tv watcher when I'm working out. The volume would have to be turned up pretty loud to even hear it from over there over the noise of the treadmill and I'm sure the neighbors would love that. I usually just listen to music on Pandora or my mp3 player. That way, I can sing my heart out! :) (and I'm sure the neighbors love that, too. They're welcome.)