Monday, February 08, 2010


I cannot believe it's been 3 whole months since I've written anything in here. That's sad to me because I've been such a good blogger since 2003 (and journaler since I was a kid..but those journals are long gone..never to be seen again. Depressing.). Back then, I used Deadjournal..and then moved to Livejournal (once upon a time, I had an account on Diaryland..but I totally don't remember any of that info so all of my posts on there are long gone. So sad). A gap like that is pretty embarrassing for me.

I'm not saying I have a whole lot to talk about today because my mind is still a little jumbled with thoughts from last night. I was feeling pretty down about myself and feeling like no one around here really wants to hang out with me and blah blah blah woe is me pity party for one kind of stuff. It's embarrassing, really. I've been feeling like I don't fit in and what I've been keeping to myself and doing the family thing around these parts. I'm okay with that..I went a year and a half here without any friends at all..and sometimes, I just like to be by myself anyway. A sweet friend talked me out of my yucky thoughts last night and helped me to realize I just need to spend more time with these people. She's right..I do. I've always known that. I guess it's just easier to throw in the towel than it is to actually do the work, right? Haha.

So what's coming up around these parts? Well, tomorrow, I have an appointment with my new dentist out here. I FINALLY got my dental records from the other dentist in Kentucky..and we've been waiting for those before we could even do a cleaning. I know. How annoying..especially since it took them MONTHS to get them out to me (and many phone calls on my part). **Self reminder - bring dental records with you next time you move. It'll make your life easier.** I'm not sure if they'll do much else besides a cleaning tomorrow..but this is officially the start of my new smile. New and improved! I can't wait! It'll be a painful process knowing how much work I actually need done..but I am so amped for the results that I'm not even considering the pain and healing time. Horray!

Saturday is Maddox's 3rd birthday! We're not doing a big ol party for him..just doing the family thing. A day at the bounce room place in the Pearlridge mall..and whatever else his little heart desires. He can't really make up his mind on what kind of cake he would like..because every time I give him options, he likes them. All of them. So..I might try my hand at an ice cream cake. I don't know..I don't know. Going into this thing blind because Maddox will be happy with anything..seriously. Calix is very specific..Maddox just goes with the flow.

Sunday is Valentine's Day! I have thoughts of making the entire day about love and having it be about our little family instead of just about me and Orion. We did the romantic dinner for 2 thing last sweet would it be to bring our 2 little valentines with us out to dinner or whatever? We'll see. :)

Also, Orion is heading out to Japan for the month of March. I have personal goals to meet while he's away. I'll have too much time on my hands to NOT meet them, ya know? No excuses! This is the year to get it done!

Okay, I have chores to get done around these parts. Consider me back (didn't I say that last time?).


Hannah said...

Just want to say YAY!!!!!! I've missed your blogs. I check everyday becasue I have no life and like to be a part of yours.

Anonymous said...

nice post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys hear that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

YogaNana said...

Good to see you back here. Today I came *this* close to blogging myself!

Team Hayes said...

There were times that I took three and five month breaks from blogging...and I haven't even been doing it for two whole years yet!

I get the same feelings of, "no one wants to be friends with me"...but you do get out, what you put in. Some days I just don't feel like putting anything in. Social networking sites make it even worse, because we see that this person is going to do something with that person, and we wonder, "why wasn't I included". It's natural to want to be liked equally by everyone and be sad when that doesn't happen 100% of the time. I really let it get to me sometimes, which I know is immature, but I can't help it. Just know, that I LIKE YOU, and I WANT to be friends with you. :) I like your kids and I like your husband, too! That trifecta is hard to attain, you know?