Monday, October 05, 2009


Over the weekend we pulled out the Halloween decorations..both old and newly purchased. We have a few more things to go up (like spider webbing and what not) we're not quite done yet. But it is still early so I don't feel rushed. October can go by smoothly now..all costumes have been purchased and the majority of the decor is up. My mind can go back to being frazzled about Christmas.

some tombstones, a mummy (with a when you walk by he moans all mummy-like haha), a hanging skeleton, a jack-o-lantern, a skull in the window, and light up skulls on the path. We tried to keep everything out of the actual front yard so that it wouldn't be a problem for the yard care guys.

The boys checking out the yard the first night we lit it up

On Sunday, we headed back to the beach. I don't think we spent nearly enough time there this summer. I wanted to go like every weekend..but it didn't happen. But while it's still warm enough..and before the rainy season starts, we're trying to get as much in as possible. Swimming is awesome exercise for me and it doesn't hurt my foot to do that's a total plus.

Maddox and Orion..I love these pictures!

I spent a large chunk of my swim time doing underwater handstands. I love that Orion got a couple of pictures of it..and I love that this is one of my favorite pictures of the day. I love the colors..and I love what it means to me. Freedom. Silliness. I love that I'm a month away from being 27 (!!) and I still act the same in large bodies of water as I did when I was like 13. I love that my husband loves me for these reasons. I keep it light.

This is also one of my very favorites from yesterday..the coloring is just so perfect! I'm sad that I didn't get any close up pictures of him on the I did with Maddox..because Calix just looked like a total surfer boy and it was ADORABLE.

Orion and Calix going out for a swim.

And last night for dinner I made sweet potato fries and hamburgers:

And a tip for how to keep the calories on the not as high as they could be side? Only use one side of a wheat bun! Use at least 85% lean ground beef (that's 93%). So freaking delicious. I swear, one day I'd like to open a diner..and I'd serve all of the delicious yummies..PLUS healthier versions of the yummies. It's a dream of mine. Ya know.

For lunch today I'm making butternut squash soup..and I'm adding couscous, spinach, and grilled chicken pieces to it. Yum! I'll probably show you later.

Also..Hey, happy birthday, Kaiti!


Jenna Consolo said...

All of those pictures are gorgeous! And I love that you do handstands too! I've only done that in a pool, never in the ocean. I love the paragraph you wrote with that picture.

I cannot believe how grown up the boys are getting! So cute!

And kudos to you for being all ready for Halloween! You put me to shame!

Sarah said...

Lucky! I want to be done with Halloween! I have my decorations up, but no costumes yet. Although Trenton is going to be the pirate that Camden was a few years back. The one your mom's awesome! And I'm super glad we can get more use out of it!

I would totally buy that hamburger from your diner! I'd even give the sweet potato fries a try! They look so super yummy!

Jenna Consolo said...

Hey Abs, did you watch Nie on Oprah yesterday? I don't have TV, but my friend taped it for me and I'm going to go watch it this morning. I can't wait! xoxo!

Abby said...

Jenna, I surely did! Twice. Once alone..once with Orion. Ugh, I adore her and her entire family. I'm greedy though, and wanted the entire hour to be about them..but we can't have everything, can we? haha. I had a dream about Nie like..2 weeks ago-ish. I got to hang out with her..and I remember wanting so badly to wrap my arms around her and hug her. And I remember her letting me..but I was scared to squeeze too tightly because I didn't want to hurt her, ya know? Anyway, I think she looked absolutely gorgeous on the show! <3 her!

And I love you!

Jenna Consolo said...

I just watched it! I loved it! I want to be more like her. She just radiates beauty, doesn't she? I know, her family, her husband and children, her home, everything about her feels GOOD. She is my hero. One of them anyway. I love that you had that dream. Maybe it will come true someday!


Saint Holiday said...

I'm moving in with you. Pick me up at the airport when I call. I love you.