Monday, September 28, 2009

The 4th 27th (Calix's birthday)

So yesterday the one who made me a mother turned 4. Sigh. I still don't know how that's possible..but it's true. Oh, little man was totally amped to have just about everything go his way for one whole day.

The day before, he'd told me he wanted waffles for breakfast. Absolutely, darling. I haven't had homemade waffles in treat for everyone. So while I was preparing them that morning, he went to the cupboard and pulled out these little 100 calorie packs of cookies and asked if he could have them. I was torn. "Can you wait to have those for snack time instead?" "no..I want to eat them right now" IS his birthday and we DID say that pretty much anything was Have a little pack of cookies while I make you waffles. Maddox got one, too. But I have to say, I was impressed because he ate his entire massive waffle. I can't even finish one! (Ya know..anymore)

After breakfast, we pulled out the cards that'd been sent to him

from Orion's mother..

My mother and Calix's Gramps (with cold hard cash that he cannot wait to spend) (thanks Nana and Gramps!)

And I gave him a little robot card, too that said "Happy 4th birthday, my darling! May this year be full of fun, learning, & adventure for you. I love you every day! Love, Mommy"

We then set about getting dressed and packed up for the per little man's request. I have to say, I haven't been to the beach since before I started losing weight..and let me just tell you how much easier it was for me to not feel like everyone was staring at the big girl..because now I'm not fat..just chubby (and I do have before and midway progress pictures..but that's another post). We had a fabulous time. Calix and I played in the sand and made sculptures and we went swimming..except he can't swim yet..just holds onto my hands and kick kick kicks. But it was very relaxed and just..ah..nice.

...that's me way out there haha

off to get some water for sand sculptures!

he waits so patiently haha

"I've got some water, mommy!"

did you know it wasn't until year 25 in my life until I learned about water in buckets and THEN putting sand in? Ya makes better castles and what not that way. I saw it on a show. Ya know..professional sand castle makers or something.

Orion and Maddox floating around

The best part about the beach this time? No one got burnt. Not even a little bit. Lagoon #4, we'll see you next weekend. And this time I'm bringing snorkeling gear.

After the beach, we came home and cleaned ourselves off. Calix decided he wanted peanut butter and jelly for lunch..and then naps all around.

After naps, it was time to bust open the pinata Orion's mom sent (I thought about getting one but thought maybe he was still too young to be swinging a stick like that. Orion's mother didn't know about this..but sent a pinata with the pull string trap door thing)

keep pulling!

yay!! candies and stickers and confetti..oh my gosh the confetti. I'm just glad the correct string was on the birthday boy's end.

After the pinata was time for presents! (Now, Orion and I discussed the night before how we thought the day should go. We wanted the fun to last all day..and we wanted him to be able to open presents and still have daylight to play with them and also not be distracted by so many other things, ya know? I think this order worked out perfectly for it may end up being just how it goes from now on)

There have been so many of my kids' birthdays that I'm just not a part of..picture-wise. Orion was keen on this and stole the camera so that I wouldn't be sad about that..again.

wooden stacking robots from Maddox (I'll do an entire post about those guys in the near future..they are *awesome*)

I just like this picture and love those shoes

Interactive Wall-E from daddy

Interactive EVE from mommy (these guys are cool on their own but when you put them together..they interact with one another! AND you can talk to them and they'll respond in their own way. Like..I was all "I love you, EVE!" and she started to giggle but then put up her gun, her eyes got serious and she started making shooting sounds hahahah)

Daddy was there, too!

making them hold hands..
He then played for a while and requested McDonald's for dinner. What a total Calix's favorite foods kind of day hahaha. After dinner? Cake!

Next time, I really need to pay attention to the frosting. It was so..thin. Like every time I would spread it onto the cake it would start sliding down. Made it kind of difficult. Little robot man was supposed to look like this but I opted out of using Cool Whip..the bigger dragees didn't show up in time..and the shoppette around the corner didn't have mini Oreos so I used mini Grasshopper cookies or whatever. He's still okay..and ya know, it's always the inside the counts, right? And he was very yummy!

belting out Happy Birthday to the little man

make a wish, darling!


his slice request was the belly. That's so like him..a slice? Any slice? Okay, give me the middle. hahaha loves it!
We all had a wonderful time..and this was confirmed when he was heading up to bed and came to give me a hug and a kiss. I kissed him and looked at his face and asked if he'd had a good birthday. He said "my birthday was very special. Thank you, mommy" ohhhh golly!
The 26 hours I was in labor with you were very much worth it, my love.


Jenna Consolo said...

So great, Abby! All of the attention you gave to the birthday boy must have made him feel like a million bucks. Kids' birthdays are so much fun. Great cake, and I LOVE those shoes! (and the dress, and the look adorable!)

Also, I have never seen that Wall-E and EVE. Conor would LOVE those!

The years fly by! He's 4 already! My heart breaks right along with yours. I know how it feels.

Sarah said...

Happy (late) birthday, Calix!

Abby, those shoes are awesome! I love them! I'm going to live vicariously through you because my feet are too big/wide/ugly to where shoes like that. Thanks for helping my dreams come true!!

YogaNana said...

Happy birthday again, little guy! Your Mommy did a fantastic job all the way around!

YogaNana said...
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YogaNana said...

Um, that removed post was me -- my comment posted twice.

Mindy said...

That was beautiful, Abby! I can't believe he's 4 already!

Big Hed said...

he looks so happy!!

and i love your dress, especially how it's accessorized with the belt/flower.. too cute