Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hey. So, I don't really write often because honestly? Not much is going on and the things that ARE going on are small enough for little Facebook blurbs, really. Facebook has taken over my blog posts haha. That's sad.

So I thought we'd play a little game. Listen, I'll try my best not to get offended..but I think it'll also be an eye opener to a lot of people. It's called..guess how much I weigh. What? That's a horrible idea, Abby. I know..I know..but that's why it's fun.

This picture was taken this morning:

No, nevermind..I can't do that. I say I won't get offended..but I probably would because you KNOW there's going to be mean people answers since the blog's not private anymore..and I don't feel like listening to stupid answers like "375, fatty!!" because look..I'm not into that sort of thing. But, I suppose if you have a real honest guess without being ridiculous, that's fine (and you don't have to be stupid nice about it like "115!" because that's ridiculous. I'm 5'9"..if I weighed 115 pounds, I'd look like I was dying.)..go ahead.

I will say though, that I bought that shirt randomly last year and every so often I've tried it on and have never been able to button ANY of the buttons..until this morning. It's a wee tight, but I got them all buttoned! I'm still nowhere near my goal..but I'm approaching it at a steady pace and you know what? Dang it, I am SO proud of myself. SO proud! I normally would have given up about a week in..and here I am almost 3 months in, and I'm *not* giving up.

Sorry to keep it short, but I must go beat my husband at some Wii games.

<3 <3


YogaNana said...

Well, I'm not going to guess because you told me last week what you weigh. So that wouldn't really be guessing, would it?

But I will say -- way to go!


Hannah said...

I really wouldn't have the slightest idea. I'm no good at guessing weights. Maybe 150? I really don't know. But you look great!!

Jenna Consolo said...

I am so proud of you too! And I think you're adorable. I won't even guess, because I'm terrible at that. I still think that I weigh 115.

And I don't.

Sarah said...

I won't guess either, not just because I'm a terrible guesser (although I truly am! Don't ask me to guess your age!) but because so much goes into why a person weighs differently than others who are the same height, etc. But I will say you are looking awesome! I can definitely see a difference from when you were here a few months ago. Plus, I want your calves and ankles! Heck, I'll take your feet too! Mine would look silly and waaay too big/out of proportion w/your legs. But I think your legs look great! Am I aloud to say that w/out sounding creepy?

Abby said...

haha're funny! You're allowed to say that, sure..they're one of my greatest assets. And you're not alone in it, either..Hannah's been saying that for years. :)

Hannah said...

It's true. Abby has some sexy legs.