Monday, August 03, 2009


Because Calix filled up his potty chart with stickers, we took him to Toys R Us to pick out a toy on Friday. He's been pretty excited about this day..counting the empty spaces on his chart until the last sticker was placed Friday morning.

People were staring at me taking pictures of my child in Toys R Us, btw..but you know what, people? This is a huge milestone for my child and I'm totally documenting it. Step off.

Ah, the Lego aisle!

He actually wanted to buy a tub of the very same blocks he already has. But, I was reading a Family Fun magazine and they had this small section about this Lego set called Builders of Tomorrow and because Calix will sit and build all kinds of things with Legos for hours on end and I love seeing the things he comes up with and how symmetrical everything he builds is..I kinda sorta suggested that set. Your imagination PLUS 3 new directions for building new things on the website every month? Totally. Yes.

Look at that kid! He's so proud of himself!

Aww look, I made 2 penguins and a couple of Eskimos! Precious.

the robot Calix made and the cop Orion made (yeah..we totally sit and build with the kids for *hours*..another plus of these blocks!) have a conversation (my kids crack me up like you wouldn't believe and honestly? I'm more and more grateful I have kids every single day. They're turning into the best little people and they're teaching me so much about love..and being silly)

Can't you just see his mind wheels turning? Ugh, I love this kid!

Oh,'re so silly, babe!

This is what we did on Saturday..seriously. The kids stayed up an hour past their bedtime because we were all having too much fun building things. I built this's a man on the beach haha (website directions are behind him. I need step by step instructions, man..I'm not THAT creative. I'll save that for other members of my family)

a girl on the beach..isn't she so dang cute??

and then I built Orion a puppy..because if he were an would totally be a dog. He may have been one in a past life, I swear to you. He says I'm a total I guess together we're that dog and cat that take naps together. Aww precious.

Yesterday before we went to the movies (Ice Age 3), I taught the kids about Bugle fingers

Stick with me, kids.. I'll show you some cool stuff along the way.

Today, Orion and I officially started the Good Housekeeping Supermarket Diet boot camp. It's 2 weeks long of roughly 1200 calories a day (and I was mostly only taking in 1000 calories before this) of awesomely healthy and filling foods and you're supposed to lose around 4 pounds a week for the 2 shoot, that's cool. It's a jump start to the actual Supermarket Diet..and I've been so so excited to start it! (I have this weird thing where I need things to be even. Like, I can't let myself start a program in the middle of the week..I'll wait until Monday so it flows better. I never said I was normal.)

Breakfast was about 1 1/4 cups (190 calories) of Kashi GoLean (not GoLean Crunch!) with 2 tablespoons of almonds (that I chopped up using my new fangled food processor..which I'm also totally excited about) and a half cup of blueberries. Oh, look thirsty...

Ah, that's better! With a cup of skim milk. It's more food than I'm used to in the mornings (I've been eating one slice of toast and one 60 calorie cup of yogurt for a while this is quite a bit more food..and fiber..than I'm used to at such an early hour haha. Also, don't forget the multi-vitamin!
We've planned on going on family walks every evening after dinner..nothing fast paced because of my Plantar Fasciitis and it hurting to walk..seriously. So an after dinner stroll is cool.
Life is good, I have very few complaints. Hey, Calix has started singing songs from the radio. This is good..and not good. I was singing a Lady GaGa song a couple of days ago and I was all "let's have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco.." and Calix chimed in "stick!" oh, man. Orion was all "thanks, Lady GaGa." and granted, he doesn't know what it means..but it means mommy can't really sing those sorts of songs around him anymore. All of a sudden.. A LOT of things have been clicking with that boy..and that's just one of them. He's carefully calculating..always listening. Yesterday? I mentioned to Orion when I was looking at preschools around here that Calix could start going (they turned out to be way too expensive so I'll be doing the preschool thing here at home) if he could wipe his own butt and stop coming out of the bathroom naked from the waist down. Five minutes later, he insisted on wiping his own butt and pulled his underpants and shorts up. He's listening, man. The kid is totally listening.


Jenna Consolo said...

Great post, Abs! You sound so happy and blissful in mommy land. Legos are awesome. I think we own about 12 million dollars worth. I'm serious.

They grow fast, don't they? More and more aware every day. Parenthood--the good kind--is serious responsibility.

YogaNana said...

Posts like this make me wish I could wind time back and have little kids all over again!

But don't think I haven't considered buying my own Legos.