Tuesday, May 12, 2009


One of the things about going away for a few days and not having your husband use up fresh produce is that you end up baking a bit when you get home so the items don't go to waste. I'm mostly just talking about bananas (who were so ripe and perfect for a loaf of banana bread) and a few lemons (who will make their way into my first ever lemon meringue pie). At least there will be some fresh baked yummies around..so that's good.

I loved being in Arizona. I love being around my family and hate that it was only a 5 day trip..but I missed my own little family like crazy and am glad to be home. Maybe next time I'll stay away from the hotter months while visiting because ew to the heat (108 while at the zoo? Ew! Only May!) and heat induced headaches aren't a good time for me..but family is. I heart my siblings and their spouses and off-spring like whoah and wish we lived closer and could visit more often. But..it is what it is. I'll pick like..5 of my favorite pictures from the visit and if you want to see the rest, they're on my Facebook page.

my sister Amanda and my mom.

my sister Hannah

my brother Josiah, his wife Sarah, and my mom. Laughing our hardest at stories from the older and poorer days. This is one of my absolute favorite things about when family gets together..we laugh about the old stuff. (in this picture, we were laughing about cars of the past)

free spirit Bella (in pink)..Hannah's daughter, doing a jig of sorts in the water park area at the Phoenix zoo

Grandmom Baker (my mom's mom)..still as sweet as can be

And we can't forget some of the yummies that were had while there. I didn't take pictures of everything

I love bread..soooo pretty

Sarah's amazing grilled chicken fettuccine alfredo

lunch after the zoo at Streets of New York
Not pictured: Hannah's extra delicious pork roast with grilled veggies..and all kinds of yummy Mexican food.
I'm still adjusting to being home. I'm fine with being here..but the children were used to hanging out with daddy and suddenly feel like I don't need to be obeyed. Which I do. I went away for a few days, but trust me young men..I'm still very much your mother. Very much. It'll take a couple of days, I'm sure, but we'll get there. Hopefully they'll at least take naps tomorrow. This mom is tired!


Jenna Consolo said...

I've been anxiously awaiting your welcome home and update post! I'm so sad to miss out on the fun. The pics are really, really good Abs. Great eye you've got there. And everyone looks wonderful and pretty.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!

Michele said...

Welcome back!
fettuccine! Bread! Pizza! Have I ever told you how much I love food? I mean I really, really love it. Cooking it, planning meals, hunting for new recipes and then of course, eating it. I feel like we should be BFFs or something :)