Sunday, May 03, 2009


There's this park. This huge..beautiful from the road park. The huge beautiful from the road kind of park you say "hey, we should do a picnic there sometime" because your little family loves picnics. You don't really pay much attention to all of the homeless people that border this park. You kind of figure there are homeless people ALL over Oahu and that it's a homeless man's paradise or something. Ya know.

Said park is also right down the street from your old house and because you were in the neighborhood at the eye doctor promise the boys you'll stop there afterwards if they're well-behaved. Of course they're well-behaved. So you stop off at the park and when you unbuckle the kids and start walking down the path to the wish you could change your mind and just leave. Because this park? Is nothing but Hawaiians. Uh oh. Maybe you're treading onto their territory. If there's something you don't want to do in Hawaii it's go to a Locals Only area accidentally. Not that they're marked..but ya know. It's obvious (one time? We went to a Locals Only beach and got the stare down of our lives until we just decided to leave). Dang it, you should have just gone to the big nice park closer to home. But it's too have to stay for a decent amount of time and then come up with an excuse to leave. You cannot let them know you're afraid!

These people were staring especially hard.

I love

pictures of

kids running! Look at him go!

And Maddox's toes. I love this kid's toes.

I do not love graffiti in inappropriate places. Calix kept asking me what it all said. I don't know, son..I don't know.
It's on Pearl Harbor

And when you see that big white globe you think of the time you lived in your old house and it glided past your window while you were eating breakfast one morning and seriously thought for just a moment that your house was moving.

Okay, let's go home and get some lunch! And naps! The best time of the day!

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