Sunday, April 05, 2009

Monsters vs. Aliens!

Yesterday, we took the boys to the movies. Oh man, they were SO excited!

This was their first time at the movies (we don't want to be THOSE people, ya know? The ones who bring their loud kids and ruin the movie for everyone around them. Yeah, those people.) and honestly, the first time Orion and I have been to the movies since our 2 year wedding anniversary (Ocean's 13) on my inside, I kind of felt like that scene from, this one. EEE!! How exciting! It was going to be a day to remember! Calix marched from the parking lot..across the street (holding my hand, of course)..and up the escalator like a big boy and when we swung the doors open and the ticket ripper guy was standing there..he got SO excited! He told him he was going to go see a monster movie and the ticket guy smiled. We stood in line to get popcorn and drinks but then decided to send dad back with an order because the line was long and the movie was about to start.

On our way down to the screening room, we stopped and looked at all of the big glowy posters for all of the upcoming features. I didn't want to just usher them in and sit down..I wanted an experience, ya know? A kid's first time in a theater should be awesome! I could just see his heart beating a little faster as we walked through the doors and up the ramp! The movies! We took our seats at the bottom..because it was already full and there were those 4 perfect seats in a spot where the kids wouldn't have to worry about not being able to see because of some tall person in front of them or something. Perfect seating. Dad headed out to get treats while I got everyone situated and we watched the previews.

They had their own bag of popcorn to share. Every so often I would turn to Calix and smile and he would grin the biggest grin right back at me. He was having a total blast! They laughed when something silly happened and jumped when the movie boomed. Their little hands digging into that bag of popcorn and shoving pieces into their mouths. My mommy heart was stretched as big as it could go. Orion's hand found my hand and we were happy. Content parents of these two awesome little boys who were being SO good! Better than we expected (because we did say that if they were too loud and disruptive, we would leave because other people paid to see this movie too).

They marched out of that movie like changed little boys. They were strutting! Like "yeah..that was me in there. I just saw a movie on the big screen." hahaha! I loved it! I gobbled up every moment!

On the way home, mommy announced that hey, let's make this day extra extra special and go to Baskin Robbins for dinner. Yeah. Ice cream for dinner. When does THAT happen? My gosh! (actually..I stole the idea from Jon & Kate plus 8). Daddy agreed that yes, that would, indeed, make this day the best day ever and extra memorable. Honestly, I don't think the boys have ever had ice cream. And if they have it was a bite or two on a birthday. I know, horrible mommy. So I ordered a single vanilla scoop in a cup with rainbow jimmies for each of them and while they were waiting Calix was busting out his ADORABLE little boy voice and saying "Yummy yummy yummy! Ice cream! Yummy!"

The fellas waiting:

Little angels.

After they went to bed, Orion stood at their door and listened as they talked to eachother about the day's events. "We watched a monster movie..and had popcorn..and ice cream...".

Sigh. A mother's heart is only so big, ya know? I can't keep having it tugged and stretched like this!

Oh, who am I kidding? I totally can.


YogaNana said...

I LOVE this post and I only wish I could have been there, too. They'll never forget this happy exciting day that you and Orion made for them.

Jenna Consolo said...

So cute, Abby! You expressed those Mommy feelings so well. And hold tight, cause your heart has only BEGUN to stretch. The boys are adorable.

Sarah said...

Awww! So sweet! I loved this post too! A much more exciting trip to see this movie than ours was. We took our kids on Friday night and I was a little annoyed because it was in a small theater and even though we got there 25 minutes or so before it started there were no good seats all together so we ended up having to split up between 2 rows. The kids liked the movie though.