Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Have I ever told you about Maddox's fierce love for his stuffed animals? Mostly Coco Monkey.

First, he'll hug him close

But then he grits his teeth and squeezes Coco like his love is just too much

Then sometimes he grabs both Coco and Lion and holds them close

He really loves them

Like really loves them.
He cannot sleep at night unless both of them are with him in his bed. Sometimes if he doesn't have them throughout the day you can ask him and he'll say "Coco Monkey is sleeping" or whatever else Coco is doing.
It's pretty cute.


Sarah said...

So fun and cute! I love and miss those stages! Not so much the part where they won't go to sleep if they don't have them because ugh! Heaven forbid we not be able to find one when I'm ready for them to be in bed. We've had this problem on many occasions w/the kids blankets. They each have 1 (although not so much Trenton. He's never really had a blanket that he's been super attached to, which has been nice) that they HAVE to have. I don't think the whole "security blanket" thing ever really made sense to me until I had kids.

Anyway! Maddox is adorable! I love the gritting teeth and squeezing him part. It made me giggle. I can just imagine it. Precious!

Jenna Consolo said...

Cute! He loves hard like his mama. (Maybe his daddy too, but I only know about his mama's love.)