Friday, March 13, 2009

It's been an entire year already!

This morning, I headed up to the hospital to finally do my set of fasting blood work. It was hard to get it in there because Orion works all the time and I'd have to be fasting for 12 hours before going in. I have low blood sugar..and if I go long lengths of time without eating something (protein), I start shaking. It's not fun. Anyway, so mornings were always the ideal time to get it done. It was quick, and out. I asked the guy who stole my blood from me what exactly was the blood being drawn for (because around that point of my last appointment, I was spacey. Totally out of it and just done.) and he said one was for cholestoral and the other was to look for everything else. Everything? Apparently.

I can't stand that I have all of these things wrong with me and no one can really tell me EXACTLY what's going on..or why. It's frustrating. I just want to be normal with no weird hurty brain issues and a normal working body. I'm not reaching for the stars here. Sigh. I mostly feel like such a fool about the faulty pregnancy test though and I swear, next time? I'm not saying ANYTHING until I know the baby's sex. Haha..okay maybe not that far in..but at least an ultrasound! Ugh.

Hey, today is a special day around here. For me, anyway. It's been exactly one year since this:

Orion's Homecoming! from xximojoangelxxi on Vimeo.

It's choppy because I copied it from the dvd someone at work made for instead of like..chapters, it plays all the way through. Ugh, I STILL cry when I see that. It brings back so many memories. And I still wish they'd gotten the shoes I was wearing on tape. What? I do. They are some HOT shoes..regardless of how much taller than him they make me. Don't care. Hot shoes. You see that part where you can't hear us and Orion says something to me and it very obviously looks like I say "yeah!"? He said "so do you wanna get out of here?" and we pretty much ditched the news crew. There was love to be made up for, ya know.

He's now officially deployable again..but, we don't think that'll happen anytime soon. He'll leave. But to places like Japan or something..and only for like..2 months. But, he's still trying to get his clearance..and that's taking a while longer than it should because he was born in Venezuela (I mean, he can't even call his grandparents over there because it may look bad and get him in trouble). But eventually..yeah. So. There's that. We're enjoying having him around as much as possible.

Also, hey..happy birthday, Hunter!! I can't believe that little "Beeber" baby that I spent so many hours holding and babysitting is already 10! Time flies like crazy.


Jenna Consolo said...

I cannot believe it's been a year! Holy cow. Can't believe it.

And no need to feel foolish, Abby. It will happen, don't worry. And maybe it's a blessing that you have a little extra time to get your health in check so your pregnancy will be that much easier.

Love you!

YogaNana said...

Good grief, a year???? That was a wonderful moment, wasn't it?

Hilary said...

Has it only been a year?! It seems like it has been much longer. Well either way, I'm glad he's home and I hope he stays put for a long time!!