Monday, December 08, 2008

21 Days!

I woke bright and early this morning. I've been too excited ALL weekend to see the inside of the new house. Orion got home from PT..I made some smoothies to go and we headed out.

I didn't take many pictures. When I pulled the camera out, the guy showing us kinda looked at me funny and I was just like "oh..I have a blog. I like to share this kind of stuff.." we go:

While waiting for the guy to show up, I found a moth on our garage. It was the biggest one I'd ever ever seen (until we left and I saw an even bigger one).

The boys headed in. Maddox was scared of the place, I think. He wouldn't come in on his own..just waited out on the patio and the guy was all " he coming in..?". Shy guy!

I didn't take a picture of the laundry room when you walk in because it's just a sink a closet and some hook ups right now. Yeah..we're regretting giving our washer and dryer away when we got here (because they have them in the house already and we didn't have anywhere to store them and selling them was taking we were just like "take em!"). Now we get to try to figure this whole thing out. Nice.

The kitchen (Orion and Maddox). There's a nice sized pantry in front of Orion and horray for finally getting an island! And a fridge with water and ice dispensers (it's the little things that make this girl happy, ya'll)

part of the great room. Oh how nice it is to have hardwood floors again!

What I'm pretty sure will be the dining room because though it may not look it..our table is massive.

I didn't take any pictures of any of the bedrooms because there's really nothing spectacular about them. They look like bedrooms. The bathrooms though? DUDE the tubs are SO deep!!! I walked in and was all "nice..nice" and the guy was like "go closer..look IN the tub" because it doesn't look as deep until you look in and's *deep*.

don't mind the weirdly shaped girl in the mirror. She's sorry. 2 sinks in the master bathroom..Orion better keep his clean.

stairs! I've missed them so hard! I couldn't help but think about how I'm going to decorate the place for Christmas while looking around. And then got a little bummed that I have to wait an entire year to decorate again. :(

view from the bottom of the stairs looking into the great room..kind of.

See? I told you I didn't take tons of pictures..or even great pictures at that. It's cute though..way cute. I will live there for as long as they let me.

I forgot to ask the guy about their roach problem..and if they have one at all. Because here? There are roaches. It's one of the main reasons I want out of here. Bomb all you want..spray..keep your house everything in the world you can think of and they still show up. They *claim* they're not dirty roaches and whatever else they said..but to me all roaches are dirty. They're DISGUSTING and I don't want them randomly walking around my house! SICK! I mean..we don't have them LIVING in our house..but they sneak in if you open the door or whatever and they're HUGE! I scream and run away and call for Orion to come take care of them. About a week ago I found one so big that I was standing in the hallway shaking and crying, okay? I DON'T LIKE THEM. I reached into the cupboard in my bathroom a few days ago to get a tampon and one jumped out. I jumped onto the ledge of the tub and screamed for Orion. Tampon gripped firmly in my hand. It was probably funny looking. So I'm hoping that this new place..because it's not near the water (it's at the very bottom of a the views are fabulous when you're driving in or out)..and ya's brand new..I'm hoping it won't have roaches. I refused to hang out in our backyard at night because the ground would look like it was moving! I don't believe..I really don't believe that all of Hawaii is infested like this. I find it hard to believe that so many people would want to live here and/or visit here if they knew the roaches owned the place. I think it's just this peninsula, really. So peace..I'm out. I'm not living with those things. Nope.

I rant every now and then. But you don't know! You don't know! They're huge and they're FAST! AHHH!!!! krjewhftlkfdglgjb

K, that's all.


Hannah said...

Oooh!! Love the color of your cabinets and of course you know I envy the hardwood floors.

Yuck on the roaches. Our house was like infested with crickets when we first moved in. Oh yeah and giant wolf spiders. Not cool. I'm not a big fan of the creepy crawlies either.

Josiah said...

Y'know, I'm totally on board with the walking around the house thinking of how you'll decorate it for christmas. when we were looking at houses in July, I was analyzing them for where the tree would go, and how good of a surprise factor there would be for kids coming into the room on Christmas morning. (funny that we ended up wanting this house though, since its Christmas decorating factor is like a -15).
That was one of the key things about the house we owned in AJ, with the stairs. I was telling Sarah from the time we chose the floorplan how much better Christmas is with stairs.

YogaNana said...

I like the stairs best -- you know, potentially all wrapped in greenery with red ribbons. :o)

The deep tub sounds interesting, though ...

Hilary said...

It's beautiful!!! Congrats!!